Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO

An Honest Review (By Colorado Locals)

vintage inspired drink and food ordering counter at Felix Roasting Company in Aspen CO

Full Review of Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO

Our Thoughts on Colorado's Prettiest Cafe...Is It Worth The Hype?

There’s no denying it: Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO is arguably one of the prettiest coffee shops in all of Colorado. To say it’s truly Instagram-able would be an understatement, with its vintage-inspired paintings in antique-inspired frames, bold floral wallpaper, gorgeous teal and pink velvet seating, and gold-plated ceiling.

But there’s also no denying that this Aspen gem will cost you a pretty penny, whether you’re swinging by for breakfast or a quick coffee stop at one of their window nooks looking out onto the village streets. So it begs the question: is Felix Roasting Company actually worth the hype (and the price)?

As a Colorado local (and former barista) who’s visited tons of craft and boutique coffee shops in basically all the Centennial state’s major cities and iconic mountain towns, I’ve pretty much seen (and tasted) it all. And I’m sharing my honest thoughts on whether you actually need to add Felix Roasting Company to your Aspen, CO itinerary.

Felix Roasting Company booth seating with small round cafe tables and vintage inspired paintings on a pink and blue wallpaper wall

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All recommendations in our review are crafted with love and expertise, from shops we buy from and trust. And all opinions in this article are our own. We were not compensated or asked to write this review of Felix Roasting Company.

Let's Talk Coffee

Is The Coffee at Felix Roasting Company Any Good?

two whole milk lattes in ceramic mugs sitting on a table at Felix Roasting Company in Aspen CO

When I evaluate coffee shops, it’s crucial that I always order the same drink. We want an even playing field, after all. My go-to drink for this test is a whole milk latte with no sweeteners.

With this drink, the coffee shop can’t hide behind house-made syrups to mask a poorly pulled shot of espresso. And I also get a solid assessment of how they aerate their milk.

Traditionally speaking, milk-based coffee drinks like the cortado, cappuccino, and latte are made with whole milk. And as long as you don’t have a sensitivity to cow’s milk, from a taste perspective, this is what I find has the richest and best flavor.

And when I’ve ordered this no-fuss latte from Felix Roasting Company, it has always been spot-on. The shots are properly extracted (aka, not bitter, nor sour).

And in fact, you could actually taste the notes in the coffee itself (which is no easy feat, and something many coffee shops can’t accomplish well). Kudos to Felix Roasting Company.

As for the milk, it was the perfect amount of silky and robust. Not foamy. Not flat. Just right.

Note: Felix Roasting Company is known for their house-made nut and oat milks. Personally, as much as I’ve tried, I’ve never liked the taste of either of these milk alternatives and find they dilute the flavor of coffee beverages. However, I do appreciate that you can get nut milks at this coffee shop without all the added gums and sweeteners that make them such a problematic alternative in the first place.

So if that’s your thing, Felix Roasting Co could be a great spot for you to get your fix.

All About The Aesthetic

The Vibe and Design Of Felix Roasting Company

vintage inspired drink and food ordering counter at Felix Roasting Company in Aspen CO

Just like with their NYC locations, Felix Roasting Company in Aspen truly manages to be unlike any other coffee shop out there. The shop design is a stunning mix of glamour and historic charm. Frankly, it’s the perfect combination for a coffee shop whose home is in Aspen’s iconic and historic Hotel Jerome.

The aesthetic has a very European feel to it, with small round cafe tables typical of what you’d find in Paris and a degree of opulence in the ceiling design and woodworking that you’d expect in a historic cafe in Austria. It all just feels very Wes Anderson, which I love.

I also can’t help but love the contrast of the feminine teal and pink color palette of Felix Roasting Company in contrast to Hotel Jerome’s moody-meets-preppy masculine aesthetic. They juxtapose each other perfectly while feeling cohesive at the same time. It’s a design match made in heaven.

There’s really no other way to say it: you feel transported back in time when you step into Felix Roasting Company. It’s interior design at its best, and frankly, you won’t find another coffee shop in Colorado that achieves this aesthetic so seamlessly.

Let's Chat About the Elephant in The Room: The Prices at Felix Roasting Company

pink velvet couch and round white cafe table in a cozy window nook in Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO

I’ll be real with you. As a Colorado local and someone who works and travels to our most popular mountain towns all the time, I’ve had coffee all over the state. From Telluride to Crested Butte to Leadville to Buena Vista to Breckenridge and on, I’ve tried it all. And the coffee at Felix Roasting Company is the most expensive.

On Google reviews, you’ll also find this is one of the chief complaints people have about Felix Roasting Company. And I get it, it’s not cheap. But here’s the reality. You’re in Aspen. A short walk a block over, and you’ll come across homes in the 40 million dollar range. So I guess I find it a little hard to complain that my typical $5 whole milk latte that I’d get in Denver or Fort Collins, CO costs me $7 at Felix Roasting Company.

When you put into perspective the excellent location of this coffee shop and the general inflated prices in Aspen as a whole, the prices at Felix Roasting Company really shouldn’t come as a shock. Yes, it’s expensive. No arguments there. But it’s also not outlandish, given where it’s located.

window nook seating in the front corner of Felix Roasting Co

Note: Felix Roasting Company does automatically include gratuity in orders, but this is becoming a more common practice across the state of Colorado. Aspen is expensive, and staff have to be supported, especially when many of them have to travel from nearby mountain towns just to get to work, because of Aspen’s exorbitant rent making it quite unlivable to many locals.

If you’re willing to drop a pretty penny on one of the pricey drinks at Felix Roasting Company, please understand that gratuity being included supports the person who’s craft it is to make your drink delicious. Without supported staff, these mountain villages will turn into ghost towns, and that benefits no one. That’s worth the price, if you ask me.

What's So Great

About Felix Roasting Company?

We get it, I love the coffee and the design of Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO. But beyond that, what makes this coffee shop worth the stop when you’re traveling to Aspen?

Felix Roasting Company In Aspen, CO Is More Than A Coffee Shop...It's An Experience

vintage inspired dark teal velvet booth seating at Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO framed by a fiddle leaf fig

Yes, people come to Felix Roasting Company for coffee, but honestly, this isn’t your everyday, “get the usual” type of coffee shop. And it’s not trying to be. This is a coffee shop you come to with the intent to stay for a few hours. Converse with friends (or a date!), people watch from the window nook, or indulge in a good book as the sun streams in through the windows of the cafe.

Felix Roasting Co is an experience. And its location in one of Colorado’s most famous, upscale, and pricey mountain villages makes that experience even more crucial. Sure, you come for the coffee (and their excellent assortment of pastries and food…like the ultra popular avocado toast), but you stay for the vibes.

pink velvet couch and round white cafe table in a cozy window nook in Felix Roasting Company in Aspen, CO

The seating in Aspen’s Felix Roasting Company location is also so cozy and comfortable, it just MAKES you want to stay awhile. And there are so many stunning details, from the vintage inspired paintings to the gold plated ceilings, that you’ll want to spend your time just feasting your eyes on the beauty of it all.

vintage inspired paintings in gilded frames on the walls at Felix Roasting Co in Aspen

Frankly, I can’t think of a cuter place for brunch than Felix Roasting Company. And if you truly want an iconic experience, be sure to order their hickory s’mores smoked latte. I mean, could there be a cooler menu item?! A serious splurge, but also seriously iconic. It’s more so something you’d get in a craft cocktail bar than a coffee shop.

decor of two ceramic birds sitting on the window sill

How to Achieve Peak Coffee Shop Vibes At Home

Good coffee is only part of the equation. What you drink your coffee in can totally change the experience (to-go cups just don’t hit the same…I don’t make the rules!).

As a mug collector, I’ve created a curated list of the prettiest mugs from small shop ceramicists whose work you’ll for sure want to display on your kitchen counter.

Felix Roasting Company Has a Prime Location Right in the Heart of Aspen, CO

moody seating area with yellow couches in the lobby of the historic Hotel Jerome in Aspen, CO

Felix Roasting Company is located on West Main St., basically in the heart of Aspen. You’re within walking distance of gorgeous shops and boutiques, less than a quarter mile stroll from the Aspen Saturday Market (a must in the summer months!), and tons of cute restaurants to grab a bite after you get your caffeine fix.

And if house-admiring is your thing, the neighborhoods north of Felix Roasting Company boast some of the most gorgeous homes, with tree-lined streets that feel like they’re straight out of a movie.

Felix Roasting Company is Perfectly Situated Centrally to Some of The Best Aspen Outdoors Locations

vintage inspired drink and food ordering counter at Felix Roasting Company in Aspen CO

And lastly, let’s be real, if you’re coming to Aspen and not exploring the outdoors, you’re entirely missing out. Luckily, Felix Roasting Company is within good driving distance of several of my personal faves:

  • Independence Pass – arguably one of my favorite mountain passes in all of Colorado. Crazy cool mountain views, epic trails, and the perfect aspen tree leaf-peeping spot in the fall (hey, the don’t call is Aspen for no reason!).
  • Ashcroft Ghost Town – a lesser-known gem, this ghost town is the perfect way to travel back in time to the 1800s to see what the rough alpine mining life was like.
  • Maroon Bells – arguably the most iconic view in all of Colorado, people line the shoreline in hundreds every morning to see the maroon glow on the Bells. There’s a reason this view is on our driver’s license.

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