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Who Believe The Wedding Industry Doesn't Have The Right To Tell You How You Should Get Married

Your Epic Adventure Elopement Starts here

You Get To Write The Rule Book. I'll Help You Bring It To Life.

Let’s dream for a second. Imagine what it would be like to have an intimate adventure wedding or Colorado elopement day that looks however you want it to look. No one telling you what your wedding “should” and “shouldn’t” include. No overly-rehearsed, cliche traditions. Just you and your partner celebrating your love in a way that feels true to you. You can have that. And we’re the adventure elopement photographers and Colorado elopement photographers who can help you bring that day to life.

Your Adventure Elopement Is About You And Your Partner. As A Colorado Elopement Photographer, I'm Here To Help You Get Back To That.

Guess What? Saying "I Do" Doesn't Have To Mean Checking Off A List Of Stale Traditions.

Maybe you've been planning this large, traditional wedding only because that's what everyone expects of you. Hell, there's a good chance you've been told it's the only option you have.

You’ve been pulling your hair out staring at color palettes and touring cookie-cutter venues when you’d rather be out on the hiking trails or spending the day with your boo at your favorite campsite.

You don’t really care for a fancy cake, elaborate table settings, or having 200 people listening in on your vows. You’d rather kick off your marriage in a way that feels true to you, adventure wedding style. You'd rather adventure elope.

HERE'S THE BEST PART: This dream adventure elopement or adventure wedding of yours? It's totally possible. And as a Colorado elopement photographer, I'm here to help you make it happen.

I'm The Adventure Elopement Photographer Who's Here to Help You Take Back The Power From The Wedding INdustry

By Having An Adventure Elopement That Truly Feels Like It's "Yours"

The billion dollar wedding industry has done an amazing job of making couples believe that elaborate, 200 person events with excessive fluff is the default. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Not Sure If You Should Adventure Elope?

An Adventure Elopement or Colorado Elopement Might Be Right For You If...

You Want Your Adventure Wedding Or Colorado Elopement Day To Be "Distinctly Yours"

You crave an adventure wedding or Colorado elopement that’s true to your distinct story and not a manifestation of what the wedding industry tells you your wedding should look like. You believe your adventure elopement or Colorado elopement should be a reflection of your story. The last thing you want is your adventure elopement to feel like some boring copy of everyone else’s.

You Don't Want An Audience Listening In On Your Vows

Planning a large wedding gives you anxiety, but the idea of adventure eloping is giving you all the good vibes. You’re not a fan of having 200 onlookers witnessing you sharing your vows or going in for your first kiss. You’d rather this moment a private space where you two can truly be vulnerable with each other.

You Don't Want Your Adventure Elopement Or Colorado Elopement To Feel Like A Rushed Blur

You’ve been told countless times from friends how quickly their wedding day went by and how it felt like a rushed blur. You know you’d rather spend your time savoring every moment of your adventure wedding or Colorado elopement, and spend less time chatting up your third cousin Jimmy.

You Two Feel Most Yourselves In The Outdoors

Whether you’re an avid hiker or a road trip fanatic, you believe nature is the best altar and you’re excited about the idea of adventure eloping outdoors. You’ll pass on the indoor, manicured, stale venues. They don’t feel like “you.”

What Happens When You Elope?

You Become A Part Of An Adventure Elopement Movement That's Telling The Wedding Industry To Get With The Times

When you adventure elope, you take back your wedding day and craft your own rules for how you get married. Every adventure elopement is a message to the “big wedding” industry that they don’t have a right to put couples in a box. Because your wedding is not a template. 

Your Adventure Elopement, Your Rules

You Deserve An Adventure Wedding Or Colorado Elopement That Feels Like "You"

Wanna Know A little Secret?

Your adventure wedding or Colorado elopement day doesn’t have to be dictated by the made-up rules of the wedding industry. There will always be people sharing their unsolicited opinions on what your adventure wedding or Colorado elopement should look like, but if those opinions don’t light your fire, free yourself of that pressure. Nobody should feel obligated to have a big, traditional wedding if they don’t want one. Your adventure elopement, your rules.

If You've Been Looking For A Sign To Ditch Your Traditional Wedding...​

This Is It. I'm here, waving that sign and cheering you on during your Colorado elopement journey!

As Colorado elopement photographers and adventure elopement photographers who specialize exclusively in small adventure weddings and Rocky Mountain elopements, we’ve got your back. We understand what you’re going through, because we, too, made the decision to elope in Colorado and ditch our almost fully-planned traditional wedding. 

And we’ve helped our couples craft their dream adventure elopements, while also navigating the choppy waters of explaining their decision to elope to their family. Your Colorado elopement should be the start of your best adventure yet. Let’s make that a reality.

The Proof's In the Pudding

Cheesy Sayings Aside, Sneak A Peek At What Our Adventurous
Wedding And Elopement Clients Are Saying About Us

Cam + Bree

Holy cow!! What can I say about Sheena... she is freaking phenomenal. I met her last summer and she captured photos of my boyfriend and I. Those photos were KILLER - she knows exactly how to showcase the love between us and still be able to show off the scenery as well. We loved her SO much that we are now having her capture our elopement as well. Not only does Sheena take the most beautiful photos ever - but she invests SO much time in helping plan. Sheena is one the kindest souls ever, she has a heart of gold, and she truly invests so much in her work - and it really shows!

Kate + Mathias

Words cannot express how incredibly amazing Sheena is. Not only are her photos breathtaking, but she is one of the sweetest souls you will ever meet. Throughout the almost year I have known Sheena she has gone far above and beyond her "job" as a photographer. She helped me far more throughout the wedding planning process than I could have hoped and often was there as my sounding board and quite frankly, my venting buddy! I seriously cannot stop staring at our photos, I can't believe they're really my husband and I. Sheena is BEYOND talented at her craft. I am so glad I found her and you will not regret it either!!

Maggie + Mike

We can't say enough about Sheena and her husband Ed. Everything was incredibly organized, Sheena is INCREDIBLY organized and thinks of everything. Sheena and Ed are an absolute pleasure to work with, to the point where we would call them friends now. On our wedding day it rained, actually downpoured with no cover, during the ceremony. Plans went out the window. And still the photos are incredible all the same. We can't recommend Sheena and Ed enough if you're looking for a wedding or adventure photographer. They're absolutely the best.

Meet Me

Your Adventure Elopement Photographers + Colorado Elopement Photographers

At This Point, you're probably wondering...

"who the heck is this chick rambling on about adventure Weddings And Colorado elopements?"

Oh hey, Sheena here! I’m the lead Colorado elopement photographer and adventure elopement photographer over here at Sheena Shahangian Photography (and that dork smiling like a total goof at my brand spankin’ new husband after we eloped in our favorite Colorado national park). I’m based in Fort Collins, Colorado, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Personally, I’m a big believer that Colorado is by far one of the most epic places to have an adventure elopement. But hey, I’m biased, since I eloped in Colorado too!

I’m an adventure-chasing dork who puts my whole heart into helping couples have their dream adventure elopements, both in Colorado and beyond (I service most of the mountain west and west coast).

I understand how difficult it can be to find the right adventure elopement photographer for your Colorado elopement or small adventure wedding, so I don’t want to scratch the surface with you.

If you’re spending your whole adventure wedding or Colorado elopement day with me, I think it’s only fair if you know me through and through. So I’m sharing the details over on our “Meet Us” page.

Our Adventure Elopement Photography + Colorado Elopement Photography Process

So You've Made The Bold Decision To Adventure Elope. Now What?!

As seasoned Colorado elopement photographers and adventure wedding photographers, we know a thing or two about helping our couples navigate the process of ditching the wedding industry’s ridiculous template of what a wedding day “should” look like and figuring out how to plan their dream Colorado elopement or small adventure wedding. We’re here to guide you through that process, whether it’s crafting your elopement day timeline or finding the perfect pair of thermal boots for your intimate Colorado elopement ceremony.

Step 1:
The First Encounter

So you’re feeling the vibe here. You’re over the wedding industry telling you it’s normal to have a large, traditional wedding that costs over $33,000 on average (especially when adventure elopements are a much better use of your budget), and you’re thinking, “Hey maybe this Sheena chick can help us do our own thing on our adventure elopement day?” Or you just have a little feeling in your gut that we could be the ones…the adventure elopement photographers or Colorado elopement photographers you’ve been looking for to photograph your small wedding or Colorado elopement. Well what the heck do you do next?

The first step is simply filling out our contact form. Easy peasy. No strings attached. This opens the door for us to have a conversation about your adventure wedding or Colorado elopement dreams. These chats help you ensure that we’re the best adventure elopement photographers for you, because that’s exactly what your adventure wedding or Colorado elopement deserves.

Step 2:
Our First Adventure Elopement Convo

This is the moment where all of your adventure elopement photography questions get answered. We’ll hop on a phone call and chat adventure elopement details. We’ll talk about all the little details of your small adventure wedding or Colorado elopement: your goals for the day, the ideas you’ve been dreaming of, general logistics of elopements, and what elements of the adventure elopement day matter most to you. 

I’ll encourage you to dream big and talk through what your adventure wedding or adventure elopement day could look like (the possibilities really are endless, as cliche as it sounds). And you can get a feel for whether we’re the right adventure wedding photographers or Colorado elopement photographers for you.

Step 3:
The Adventure Begins

Okay, so now you’ve decided we’re the adventure elopement photographers or Colorado elopement photographers for you. We’ve talked all about what you’re looking for and the vibe of your small adventure wedding or elopement (and cracked some cheesy dad jokes the process).

I’m here, always at the ready to answer any last minute burning questions you may have about Colorado elopement and adventure elopement photography. One of the biggest reasons our couples enjoy working with us for their adventure elopements is because we’re there for them, even before they officially book. I know how difficult this process can be, and I’m here to help. Having been in your shoes with my own Colorado elopement, I never want to leave any couples out to fend for themselves during this elopement process.

Step 4:
Adventure Elopement Party!

You’ve looked over everything, and you’re ready to roll. What’s next? To officially book us as your adventure elopement photographers or Colorado elopement photographers all I need is a signed contract, and 50% of your package price paid (this includes a $1500 retainer to hold your date and a service fee that allows me to share my top-notch adventure elopement resources with you). Boom, done. Easy peasy. Now you’re on the calendar. 

At this point, we’re ready to dig into the fun stuff, like helping you find an epic Colorado elopement location that matches your vibe and scheming up fun activities to do on your adventure elopement day. I’ll help you craft your small adventure wedding or elopement timeline and provide guidance on what to pack with you. I’ll be a resource to you through this whole adventure elopement process. I’ve got recommendations on the best hiking boots to wear, what types of layers you’ll want to bring along, and all that jazz. I’m kind of like that magic 8 ball you likely played with as a kid (minus the often vague, ominous answers).

Let's Get Back To The Real Reason You're Getting Married

I want you to feel like you’ve done your love justice by having an adventure wedding or Colorado elopement that really gets to the core of why you’re saying “I do” in the first place.

The wedding industry has no right to pressure you into having a large wedding. And, hey, if you’re scared to make the jump and decide to adventure elope, I get it. I’ve been there, and I’m here to guide you through it and cheer you on while you join the elopement movement

Oh, The Places We Could Go...

Let's Find You The Perfect Adventure Wedding Or Elopement Spot!

When I’m not out photographing Colorado elopements and small adventure weddings, you can find me on the trails. From national parks to off-the-beaten-path dirt roads, I’m there. I don’t just do this for fun; I do it for you.

I love finding the most epic spots for our couples’ adventure weddings and adventure elopements, both in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and beyond.

Let's Go On An Elopement Adventure!

Whether you’re looking to have a Colorado elopement in the mountains of Crested Butte or an adventure elopement in North Cascades National Park, we’re here to help. As Colorado elopement photographers and adventure elopement photographers — as well as seasoned adventurers — we make it a priority to be the best decision you make on your adventure elopement day. All you need to do is bring your love. We’ll bring the photo magic.

Our Philosophy As Colorado Elopement Photographers

Not Just Any Adventure Elopement Photographers

As adventure elopement photographers and Colorado elopement photographers, your elopement day is personal to us. We’re the Colorado elopement photographers who take the time to help you sort out the little things.

There’s a good chance this is your first time planning an adventure elopement or small adventure wedding. You’re not expected to know all of the little details that go along with it (this isn’t some scandalous, quickly planned olden-days elopement after all).

We’re the Colorado elopement photographers texting you about your elopement dress or suit. We’re just as excited about your Colorado elopement or adventure wedding Pinterest board as you are. And don’t even get us started on the best national park trails in Colorado to hike for your sunrise adventure elopement ceremony. That’s the stuff we love.

For couples who’ve chosen the less traditional route of having an elopement or adventure wedding — whether that’s in Colorado or elsewhere — we’re here to empower you to do what YOU want on your adventure wedding day, rules be damned.


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The Colorado Rockies are our home. We know these mountains like the back of our hand, and we love helping our couples plan their Colorado adventure elopements. Our land is your land, peeps. so let’s get you mountain married!

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We specialize in photographing small adventure weddings in the great outdoors. We believe small weddings empower couples to be themselves on their wedding day, which is what makes us so honored to be a part of them. There’s nothing better.

Adventure Elopement Photographers

We like to say we’re adventurers first, photographers second. Which frankly, is what we think makes us good at what we do. We live and breathe the outdoors lifestyle, and we make sure our adventure wedding photos show off your adventurous side too.

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Not everyone loves tradition, but that doesn’t make your adventure wedding or elopement any less important.

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