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best places to stay in Telluride CO

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Your Guide To The Most Epic And Distinct Mountain Dwellings In Telluride and Nearby Mountain Village, CO

There’s something special about Telluride. Living in Colorado and photographing elopements in the mountain towns out here, I spend a lot of time exploring the epic peaks that make up the Rockies . And without a doubt, every time I drive into Telluride, with the San Juan Mountains surrounding me, it’s always an out of body experience. This itty bitty town manages to perfectly embody luxury and the rugged beauty of the mountains. In my book, the best places to stay in Telluride* embody both of these things: they are top-notch in elegance, while also giving you access to the raw, intense beauty of nature. The vacation rentals in this article accomplish exactly that, and at a range of prices to match your budget, whether you’re looking for all-out luxury or a more affordable stay.

*Disclosure: I may make a commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to book through one of the Telluride Airbnb links in this article. However, my primary goal is to make the best recommendations possible. I take trust very seriously, so I only recommend products and sellers that I use or trust myself. These links help support small businesses like mine and allow me to craft these free articles for you!

How And Why Did These Lodging Options Make the List?

Our Reasoning For Choosing These Stays As The Best Places to Stay In Telluride, CO

The Most Photogenic Telluride Airbnb Options

For The Perfect San Juan Mountain Backdrop

The San Juan Mountain range is one of my favorites in all of Colorado. As someone whose job it is to photograph in the Rocky Mountains, I’ve seen my fair share of peaks, and the San Juans are something else. These Telluride Airbnb options embody that mountain vibe.

Excellent Star Ratings For A Stellar Experience

Because High Quality Reviews Matter

Finding cool Telluride Airbnb options is great and all, but so is your experience at your stay. Good reviews matter. Your experience matters. And that’s exactly why I’ve factored reviews into this list of the best places to stay in Telluride.

Unique or Luxurious Style

That Matches Telluride's Distinct Vibe

Telluride is the perfect blend of rugged outdoors and high-end luxury. It’s a town that manages to balance those two extremes so beautifully. The best places to stay in Telluride need to embody that essence.

The Best of the Best

Which Stays Make The List Of The Best Places to Stay in Telluride, Colorado?

If you’re having some difficulty choosing between all the epic places to stay in Telluride, we’ve picked our top 3 favorites from the Telluride Airbnb list above, and are sharing why exactly we love them below!

The Top 3 Telluride Airbnb Options

The Fresh and Stylish Telluride Condo

# 1 Telluride Airbnb

Let’s face it. Telluride is not a cheap town to stay in. It’s a high-end mountain town, and when it comes to high-end Colorado mountain towns, you can expect to pay a pretty penny for lodging. But this Telluride Airbnb is honestly a steal for the area. It’s located right near Clark’s Market (the grocery store right on the edge of town), which means you have easy access to grabbing snacks before you head up into the mountains for a picnic or afternoon excursion. Since it’s basically right on the edge of Telluride, you’re also walking distance from the gondola (highly recommend riding up to watch the sunset!). You can also walk over to some of my favorite spots in town, like The Butcher & The Baker (an epic breakfast spot).

The Cozy Yet Modern Cabin Amongst The Aspen Trees

#2 Telluride Airbnb

This Telluride Airbnb is certainly one of the prettiest ones on the list! It does an amazing job of capturing the cozy cabin vibe, while also having these modern touches that keep the cabin looking chic and beautiful. I feel like this cabin does such a perfect job of capturing the essence of Telluride: that mixture of outdoorsy and luxurious, which is one of the biggest reasons it has made the list as one of the best places to stay in Telluride. 

The Group Getaway Home

#3 Telluride Airbnb

This Telluride Airbnb houses up to 11 guests, making it perfect for larger groups heading to Telluride for a ski trip or an offroading adventure. If you have a larger group, the cost per person is honestly a steal for the area. The home is luxurious and boasts a hot tub and mountain views. You can choose to either drive into Telluride or take the gondola that connects the town of Mountain Village to Telluride (since Telluride itself is such a small town, you’ll find that some of the best places to stay in Telluride are actually located in nearby Mountain Village, CO). 

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