Reasons to Elope: Should You Be Eloping?

Top Reasons To Elope: Why Couples Choose Elopements Over Traditional Weddings

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Top Reasons To Elope: How to Know If an Intimate Wedding or Adventure Elopement is Right For You

Why You Should Consider An Elopement + The Benefits of Eloping

There’s no denying it: there’s been a shift in the wedding industry, with many couples wondering whether or not they should elope and trying to sort out the top reasons to elope. Now more than ever it seems like the wedding industry is at odds with itself. 

We’re seeing a rise in the number of couples who are choosing to forgo tradition to run off to the mountains and elope without anyone but their photographer and officiant as witnesses. On the other end, we’re also seeing large weddings, planned out to the tiniest detail, gracing the pages of wedding blogs across the country. 

Two completely opposing ways to plan your wedding day, yet couples are left without much direction in figuring out which type of wedding is best for them. And nobody is out there truly explaining to couples all the reasons to elope, and why elopements might just be the hidden gem of the wedding industry.

Wedding tradition tells us that there are certain rules we must follow when planning, from the type of cake you’re expected to have to the bouquet toss. And for the longest time, most couples didn’t think they had much of a choice other than following these traditions. 

But elopements and intimate weddings are finally being recognized as an incredible option and not just a quick, spur-of-the-moment trip to Vegas. And it’s one of the reasons couples are choosing to elope versus having a traditional wedding. 

Honestly, there are so many benefits to eloping that it’s hard to condense it down to five top reasons. But I’ve chosen the five most common reasons to elope that I’ve heard from the couples I’ve worked with. So without further ado, read on below for our top 5 reasons to elope. 

Why elope? We’re breaking down why an elopement or intimate wedding might be the perfect fit for you and your partner. If you’ve been asking yourself “should I elope” a lot lately and you find yourself agreeing with most of the points below, chances are an elopement could be perfect for you.

Why Elope? The Top Of Our List On Reasons To Elope

You Want To Savor Every Moment Of Your Special Day Without It Feeling Like a Rushed Blur

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard people say that their wedding went by in such a blur. And it’s one of the top reasons to elope, according to our couples. From visiting every table at dinner to say hi to all of your guests to making the rounds during cocktail hour, the time flies by faster than you might imagine. And by the time the night is over, you’ve realized you’ve spent only a fraction of the night having quality time with your partner. 

This is one of the huge reasons why elopements are so beautiful. With such a small guest list (or no guest list at all!) you have time to really immerse yourself in the moment and take in the sights and experiences of your elopement day. Your day can look however you want it to. 

You have control over the timeline and everything that you do on your elopement day, which is not always a luxury you get when you have a traditional wedding. Personally, we think this is one of the most important reasons to elope: this day is about you and your partner.

Reasons To Elope #2:

Why Elope? You're A More Introverted Or Private Couple And Can't Imagine Having An Audience Listening In On Your Vows

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of extroverts who love to elope, but for the introverted couples an elopement is something extra special. When you elope, you get to be super selective about your guest list. You can choose to have nobody present, or a few family members or friends. This privacy is one of the biggest reasons to elope.

Elopements allow for private moments without the pressure of an audience, and you can speak from the heart knowing that your second cousin Jimmy isn’t hearing every word you share. This is one of the favorite reasons to elope for couples who tend to be more private or introverted.

Reasons To Elope #3:

Why Elope? The Idea Of Planning A Large Event Makes You Want To Crawl Into A Hole

Some couples dream of planning a massive gathering. They are giddy at the idea of coordinating which types of blooms go best with the tablescapes they had in mind, and they jump at the chance to write up a seating chart. But if that’s not your style, there’s no shame in that.

So if you want your only worry to be picking out the perfect dress, locating the right spot to tie the knot, and adventuring on your wedding day, elopements might just be your thing. 

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself if all of the decorative details of the wedding are truly important to you. If they are, a larger traditional wedding may be more your style. But if they are not, this might just be one of the most compelling reasons to elope.

Reasons To Elope #4:

You Want To Be Really Intentional With How You Use Your Wedding Budget

Weddings can get pricey. But at the same time, this also isn’t the kind of moment you want to cheap out on. Of course you want to have the best for your wedding. But the key to successfully doing this requires looking into what your priorities are. 

I personally use what I call the “Wedding 3″ to navigate the budgeting process. When I talk with my couples, I always tell them to pick the top 3 things they value the most in the wedding planning process, and that’s where they should really be investing their money. For my elopement, for example, my priorities were the photography, the dress, and a drop-dead gorgeous location. Immediately I knew things like a multi-course meal, a DJ, and a cocktail hour weren’t important to me. Ultimately I wanted to have an epic, well-documented ceremony that we’d never forget, and I accomplished that by really investing my money into high quality vendors who could deliver on what I valued. 

All the other details? I didn’t care for them, which was one of the reasons to elope, for me personally. I knew I only wanted to invest in the parts of the day that mattered to me, and a traditional wedding couldn’t deliver that. 

If I went the traditional route, I knew I’d be spending tens of thousands of dollars on things I didn’t care for. Not a good use of our budget at all. Instead, we splurged on the few things we knew we’d love and cherish, and we still ended up spending a fraction on our elopement than some of our friends spent on their traditional weddings.

Reasons To Elope #5

You Live For A Good Adventure And Are Always Itching For The Next Great View

This is by far one of the most fun reasons to elope. Want to elope in the middle of the mountains? Have dreams about adventuring through the high deserts of Utah as your gorgeous wedding dress trails behind you in the red dirt? 

That’s the thing about elopements: you can make these epic locations your wedding venue without going through the hassle that a larger wedding party would have to experience. If you’re the adventurous type or love the idea of saying your vows in some of nature’s most incredible wonders, eloping is probably for you.

Any Of These Reasons To Elope Sound Like You?

If Any Of These Reasons To Elope Are Resonating With You, Where Do You Go From Here?

I’ve got plenty of resources to help guide you. Want to read all about how elopements have changed these days? Read our modern-day definition of elopements. Interested in knowing all the steps to plan your elopement. I’ve written a comprehensive elopement guide. No matter which reasons to elope resonated with you, I’ve got you covered.

Why I Eloped

At Some Point In The Planning Process, Each of These Reasons To Elope Resonated With Me

I remember for the longest time worrying that people would think I was crazy if I chose to elope instead of have a traditional wedding. I distinctly remember the pressure and the expectation the wedding industry was putting on me, making me feel like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that any reason to elope, if that’s the type of wedding that feels right to you, is a good reason. 

I knew in my heart that the wedding industry’s fluffy production and traditions didn’t speak to me. I knew we wanted privacy on our wedding day and a feeling of intention. I knew we both wanted our day to feel like it belonged to us; not to a room full of guests. Each of these thoughts became another item is our list of reasons to elope.

That’s why I eloped. I wanted a day that was ours and no one else’s, and I didn’t think the wedding industry did a good job of allowing couples to have that. If these reasons to elope don’t really vibe with you and you want a large wedding, that’s awesome and you should do that. 

However, if you’re one of those couples that felt like I did…that felt like each of these reasons to elope was a little reminder to you of the type of wedding you truly want…then I hope my story of why I eloped encourages you to elope too. I can tell you from personal experience that I have yet to meet a person who regretted eloping, but I’ve met plenty who wished they’d ditched their traditional wedding for an elopement instead. To me, that’s reason enough.

Whether you decide to elope or not, there’s one thing to always remember: this day is a celebration of your love, and ultimately it should be a representation of who you both are as a couple. Other people will always voice their opinion on what they think your wedding should look like (we received plenty of unsolicited advice about ours before officially deciding to plan an elopement instead), but that doesn’t make their opinion correct. 

Your elopement can look however you want to. And whatever reason you choose to elope, just remember, your reason is amazing. This is your day. 

P.S. As an elopement photographer, I’m a firm believer that your adventure wedding photographer should be a resource to you during the whole adventure elopement process. From helping you figure out your top reasons to elope to discussing the best way to broach the subject of elopements with friends and family. I know finding your reasons to elope can be tough at first, but I’m here to help. 

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