The Complete Guide to Elopement Announcements

Including 30 of Our Favorite Elopement Announcements and Cards

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The Complete Guide to Elopement Announcements

Need the must-know details on elopement announcements? You’ve come to the right place.

So you eloped (yay!). First off, as elopement photographers and a couple who also eloped, we’re so happy you chose the best type of way to get married.

But now you’re probably asking yourself, do we need to send elopement announcements? And how exactly do we announce that we eloped? Is there any elopement announcement etiquette we need to be aware of?

Don’t worry, we’ll demystify the process for you. We’ll go over who you need to be sending elopement announcements to, and what to include on your announcements. And to make your lives a million times easier, we’ve included 30 of our absolute favorite announcements, including both printed and digital versions.

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase your elopement announcements through my links, I may earn a commission, at no cost to you. Shopping through my links helps support this small business and is greatly appreciated. The list of elopement announcements included in this article is curated with love, from selling platforms I use and trust myself.

Elopement Announcements Etiquette

When Elopement Announcements Are Needed

When is it worth sending elopement announcements? You’ll want to send elopement announcements to close friends and loved ones who were either not invited to your elopement or were unable to make it.

The way we like to look at it is this: imagine you had a small wedding instead of an elopement. Who would have been invited to that wedding? Those people are good candidates to receive elopement announcements.

How to Announce an Elopement

Elopement Announcements Wording

Sometimes elopement announcements are simply used to share the news. In this case, including a photo of your elopement is a really nice touch (if you’ve received your gallery already!), along with your names and the date you tied the knot.

If your elopement announcements are being used to let friends and family know about a post-elopement reception, you’ll want that card to include all the info about the party, including where and when.

The Best Elopement Announcements

To Send to Your Loved Ones

Elopement announcements are not only a beautiful keepsake for you, but they’re a beautiful gesture to announce your nuptials with your loved ones, whether friends or family. We’ve included a curated list of our favorite elopement announcements below, along with why we love them.


Printed Announcement Price: $108+

Photo: courtesy of Fine Day Press

The look of this modern and clean elopement announcement is simple, classic, and to-the-point. We love how it’s not a super fussy design, but the “we said yes” type is so elegant.

These beautiful announcements are perfect for the couple who doesn’t want to get lost in the frills (and as an elopement photographer who works with eloping couples all the time, I’m guessing that’s a lot of you!).

They’re printed on a high quality, luxury card stock, and pricing is based on number of announcements you need to send out. 

Our advice? You don’t need to send announcements to everyone you know. Keep that list relatively intimate.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

If you’ve received your elopement gallery or a sneak peak of images from your elopement photographer, these adorable polaroid announcement cards are the absolute sweetest.

They’re reminiscent of a vintage polaroid design, and are easily customized. These ones are not printed announcements, but rather a 5×7 digital download. So you have the option of emailing the elopement announcement to friends and family or going through your own preferred printer.

Personally, we love digital downloads, since they give you the option to send out an emailed version to people you might not be as close with, and then print out physical elopement announcements for your inner circle. That’s the best of both worlds, if you ask us!

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

We really like how the typefaces really do most of the taking with these minimalist announcements. The fonts chosen are so timeless and pretty, and the square shape of the announcement card is so unique and unexpected.

At their core, elopements are about crafting your own rules and doing things your own way, and we really like how the unexpected square shape is kind of a nod to that.

Printed Announcement Price: $108+

Photo: courtesy of Fine Day Press

Another gorgeous and modern elopement announcement printed on luxury card stock. The rust orange color of this simple announcement is perfect if you opted to elope in the desert. It’s very reminiscent of the colors you’d expect to see if you eloped in the red deserts of Utah.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $9.99

Photo: courtesy of A Wild Bloom Printables

Your elopement announcements can be about more than just telling your inner circle you eloped. If you’re planning a post-elopement reception (which a lot of the couples we’ve worked with actually do!), you can make your elopement announcement about sharing the invite info for that event, too.

We love the laid back, bohemian look of this post-elopement reception announcement card. It includes all the important info your guests need to know about your post-elopement reception, including a spot for a wedding website if you have one!

Printed Announcement Price: $108+

Photo: courtesy of Fine Day Press

If you ask us, sometimes there’s nothing better than a large, beautiful, and bold font to make for a stunning elopement announcement. This blush and neutral tone announcement card is printed on gorgeous luxury card stock and is sure to make a statement when it arrives in the mail.

Since this card doesn’t include a photo on it, we really love the idea of sending a little Polaroid photo of you and your partner in the envelopes you’re sending out. Such a personalized addition (this is the Polaroid camera and film we use, and it’s such fun way to immediately capture the moment).

Digital Download Announcement Price: $6.99

Photo: courtesy of Creative Union Design

Looking for funny elopement announcements? You’ve met your match with this adorably cute newspaper style announcement card. It’s fun and quirky and utterly adorable. Plus, it’s a digital download, so you can send an e-newsletter if you’d rather not have printed cards.

What better way than to send a “news-worthy” heads up to your loved ones? We especially love how there’s a little section at the bottom of this card where you can include a link to your website or a gallery link so your loved ones can see the photos from your elopement.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $10

Photo: courtesy of Bonhomie Design

This cute announcement card has the perfect trifecta: a photo of your elopement day, a sweet note to your loved ones, and mention that a post-elopement reception or party invitation it to follow soon.

The script typeface on the back of the card has a signature feel to it, which makes the announcement feel more personalized. When coupled with the sneak peek photo of you two on your elopement day, this card essentially has it all.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $10

Photo: courtesy of Bonhomie Design

The calligraphy style “Just Married” script on the front of this minimalist announcement card is such a classic. We really like how it overlays an image from the elopement day and gives your loved ones notice of a post-elopement reception, too.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $8

Photo: courtesy of Georgia Blue Design Co

This clean and simple announcement card also takes on a polaroid-esque style. The cute little heart in the middle of the words “just married” on the front is such a precious little touch. And we really like the heartfelt note included on the back of this digital download.

Personally, we love that the example here uses a black and white photo. There’s something so timeless about that. Ask your elopement photographer if they can send a black and white version of your favorite photo from the day so you can go for this more minimalist and classic look!

Printed Announcement Price: $108+

Photo: courtesy of Fine Day Press

There’s something so eye-catching and gorgeous about a gold detail on a printed paper announcement. We love the gold calligraphy “we do” text on this printed announcement card.

Once again, Fine Day Press has delivered a stunning card design that’s sure to stand out. And if you love the feel of a high quality card stock elopement announcement you can hold and admire long after your elopement day, these cards are perfection.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Bianca Ruby Design

This elopement announcement digital download has two parts to it. The first is the actual “we eloped” card, which also includes an invitation for the post-elopement reception and party.

But what we really like about this particular announcement set is the second card on gifts, which tells your loved ones that their presence is gift enough.

With elopements, gifts at post-elopement receptions are somewhat of a gray area. Some people believe it’s absolutely fine to ask for them and others think it goes against typical elopement etiquette.

Honestly, we believe it’s 100% up to you. If you’re treating your loved ones to a celebratory meal, dancing, drinks, and the works, asking for gifts is something you can do, if you want. But we love that these elopement announcements directly address that gray area, so your guests aren’t left wondering.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $15.64

Photo: courtesy of The Printable Shop DIY

Personally, it’s the fun and playful sharpie-like script on these elopement announcements that has our hearts. These adorable announcement cards feel effortlessly cool and laid back, and the little note at the bottom to “dress fabulously” to the after party is such an adorable little touch.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $9.99

Photo: courtesy of A Wild Bloom Printables

There’s something about the script font that makes these laid back elopement card announcements feel ultra personalized. Especially when coupled with a photo of you and your partner on the big day.

We really like the note at the bottom of these cards that thanks your loved ones for their love and support. The reality is, eloping can be a scary decision to make. And it’s always a beautiful gesture to thank those who supported you in your choice to elope, even if they weren’t physically there on the day. These elopement announcements make sure to include that sweet sentiment, which we love.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

You know when you go into a photo booth and get back that adorable strip of images? That’s kind of what the design of these announcement cards reminds us of! These elopement announcements focus heavily on photos, which we think is a super special way to honor and remember your adventure.

Opt for all black and white images for a more minimalist look, or choose images in color for a vibrant and playful look to your elopement announcements.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

This neutral tone elopement announcement card incorporates a lovely block design. There’s color blocking, and adorable text blocking with the date printed underneath the cute sneak peek elopement photo.

The announcement has a contemporary design with hints of boho influence in the choice of cursive-style script font. Perfectly timeless.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $9.99

Photo: courtesy of Unmeasured Event

Elopements are all about breaking the rules, making your own traditions, and rebelling against the status quo. Basically, they’re the edgy version of weddings. And what cuter way to show off your edgy side than these sugar skull elopement card announcements?

Digital Download Announcement Price: $9.99

Photo: courtesy of Unmeasured Event

If your elopement happened in the spring or summertime, the sage green color (which is seriously trending right now) of these announcement cards is the perfect complement. The color is muted, yet still so fun. And it’s especially perfect if you eloped in the woods, with green tones all around you.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

Normally, we don’t think of modern and boho styles as complementing one another, but this stunning elopement announcement card somehow manages to incorporate both design styles seamlessly and gorgeously.

This elopement announcement keeps it simple and no-fuss (perfect for eloping couples!). Just your names, the date, and where you eloped. Perfect.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.91

Photo: courtesy of Allie and Oak

We love this illustrative boho announcement card for anyone who eloped in the fall. The warm rust orange/brown tone of the text and floral illustration are so reminiscent of fall colors. And the design of these cards is boho without being “too much,” you know?

Digital Download Announcement Price: $8

Photo: courtesy of Georgia Blue Design Co

“At last” is right! If you’ve been engaged for a while or have been patiently counting down the days until your elopement, these “at last” calligraphy elopement announcement cards are the perfect way to announce your marriage. Short, sweet, and simple.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

One of our favorite things about elopements is that they truly embrace a laid-back, casual, go-with-the-flow nature. And these boho announcements totally embody that vibe…a fun and casual way to announce you’ve eloped.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $12.75

Photo: courtesy of Amy Tarah Designs

If you love a more minimalist and modern vibe for your elopement announcements, you’ve found your match with this simple picture card.

We particularly love the way that this card beautifully showcases your elopement photos. Let’s be honest, sometimes pictures just say it best.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $11

Photo: courtesy of Rosemary Lines

This “we tied the knot” announcement card is perfect if you’re planning a post-elopement reception for your family and friends. The front of the elopement announcements tell people you got married, and the back covers all the essentials about the upcoming party!

Digital Download Announcement Price: $9.99

Photo: courtesy of Unmeasured Event

We personally love the handwritten touches on this boho announcement card. Very on-brand for elopements. This elopement announcement does an awesome job of packing in all the post-elopement reception details nicely on the front, with a gorgeous spot to showcase a photo from the big day.

Printed Announcement Price: $3.55+

Photo: courtesy of Nesting Project Paper

This printed announcements booklet is perfect for anyone who eloped in the mountains or the great outdoors. The elopement announcements are printed in a book form, with a page dedicated to telling everyone you eloped and then inviting them to a reception.

The second page in the booklet has the details about RSVPing to the reception. It’s a cute and interactive announcement card, and it’s most definitely a keepsake too!

Digital Download Announcement Price: $6

Photo: courtesy of Agape Palms

The star-dotted arch picture frame on the front of these whimsical announcement cards gives them a modern touch that’s on-point with current design trends.

We really like the mixture of fonts that feel both laid back and formal. It’s the perfect marriage, pun intended!

Digital Download Announcement Price: $11.19

Photo: courtesy of The Printable Shop DIY

This one’s actually an invitation to the elopement ceremony itself, while also being elopement announcements too. Opt for a card like this one if you’re planning on inviting people to your intimate wedding ceremony.

Bonus: if your elopement guests do opt to gift you on the wedding day, I’ve actually designed these retro downloadable desert-inspired thank you cards that are perfect to send out to them. The front is fully designed, but the back is left as a blank slate for you to customize as you’d like!

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.99

Photo: courtesy of Niki Press Designs

We’re big fans of minimalist elopement announcements, if you can’t already tell. We love how simple and sweet this one is. Plus, we’re total suckers for a sharpie-like handwritten headline, and these minimal boho cards totally deliver on that.

Digital Download Announcement Price: $14.22

Photo: courtesy of Allie and Oak

This earthy neutral announcement card is customizable, and you can change the background color and add custom text.

With a modern design like this, we recommend keeping it pretty simple, though. Especially if you’re using the elopement announcements only to announce tying the knot and not to send invites to a post-elopement reception.

When Do You Need to Send Out Your Elopement Announcements?

It really depends! Are you using your elopement announcements as a way to tell your loved ones after the fact? Or will your announcements be an invitation of sorts you want to send out before you tie the knot? Depending on which you choose, the timing will be different.

If your elopement announcements are inviting some select family and friends to the ceremony itself, we recommend giving them at least a few months to receive the invite and determine whether they can come.

If you plan on sending your announcements after you elope, you’ll notice that many of these elopement announcement cards have spots where you can add photos from your elopement day. So you’ll, at the very least, need to wait until your elopement photographer has either sent you a sneak peek or the full gallery of the day. 

If your photographer does not explicitly offer sneak peeks, see if you can add one into your package price. You can also typically pay an additional fee for an expedited gallery delivery, but in all honesty, that is probably overkill when all you really need for your elopement announcements is one or two photos.

Found Your Elopement Announcements but Still Planning the Elopement Itself?

I’ve got you covered with all the resources you need to plan the perfect day. For all the details on what to wear to your engagement session, I’m sharing my best tips and outfits in this guide.

For advice on what shoes to wear for adventure-focused elopements in the great outdoors, head over here.

And for the A-Z on budgeting for your elopement and how it compares to big, traditional weddings, check out my full cost analysis.

As someone who’s an expert on all things elopements (and who eloped too!), I’m here to be your guide. You’ve got this!

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