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Full Lima Coffee Roasters Coffee Shop Review

seating area with a leather couch and neon sign that says love people love coffee in Lima Coffee Roasters Fort Collins shop location on South Mason

Is Lima Coffee Roasters Worth the Visit?

An Honest Review of Lima Coffee Roasters in Fort Collins

As a Coloradan, someone who has called Fort Collins home, and a former barista, I’ve spent my fair share of time in FoCo coffee shops. And after many a visit to Lima Coffee Roasters, I’ve decided to share all my thoughts on this little gem of a spot. 

I won’t leave you hanging here. Lima Coffee Roasters is hands-down one of the best coffee shops in Fort Collins. Not only do they pull a stellar shot of espresso (which, when we get down to the technical aspects of a properly pulled shot, can be quite the challenge!), but their aesthetic is something truly unique and unexpected.

I’m one of those people who gets energized by the vibes of any coffee shop I’m hanging out in, and Lima Coffee Roasters delivers, with a vibrantly colorful-meets-modern bohemian look that just works.

In this guide, I’ll break down all the things I love about Lima Coffee, and all the reasons it’s worth the visit. And if you’re anything like me and want to get a feel for the vibes of the shop, I’ve included a ton of photos of their South Mason location (my personal fave). Let’s get into it!

the ordering counter bar area at Lima Coffee Roasters in Fort Collins with vertical handmade terracotta hued tiles laid in a stack pattern with a table and two chairs in the foreground

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First Things First...

How's the Coffee at Lima Coffee Roasters?

whole milk latte with plant inspired art sitting on a white table in a white ceramic mug at Lima Coffee Roasters in Fort Collins

It’s as simple as this: the coffee at Lima Coffee Roasters is spot-on. When I assess a coffee shop, I always make sure to order a whole milk latte with no sweeteners or syrups.

Why? It allows me to address two things. The first is to determine if the espresso is over or under extracted (to reeeeeally simplify it, basically, whether the shot tastes too bitter or too sour). The second is to see if the milk is aerated well. Is it too frothy, if you will? Or does it have that silky yet airy texture that’s juuuust right?

Lima Coffee Roasters nails both of these every time. And of course, the latte art is great, but you expect that from really any good craft coffee shop.

There’s also the feel-good factor that comes with getting your coffee at Lima, knowing that they prioritize sustainability when sourcing their beans.

How Are The Vibes?

Defining the Aesthetic of Lima Coffee Roasters

brown leather couch with two black leather chairs sitting in front of them and a neon sign on the wall that says love people love coffee in a corner of the Lima Coffee Roasters shop in Fort Collins

Lima Coffee Roasters has three locations: one on South College in Old Town Fort Collins, one on South Mason on the the more southern end of FoCo, and one in the Foothills Mall.

If you’re looking for those classic sit down and get some work done coffee shop vibes, you’re going to want to go to either the Old Town or South Mason location.

Personally, my favorite Lima Coffee Roasters is the South Mason location. The tropical wallpaper, plants everywhere (including the propagation station!) the cute and cozy seating area in the back corner, the games, the dreamy terracotta hued tiles at the counter…all of it is just STUNNING.

And let’s be honest, finding parking is much easier, since this Lima Coffee Roasters location has a parking lot on the side.

The South Mason location is more modern and vibrant in its design, while the Old Town location feels a bit more boho. Both are absolutely beautiful, but in a different way.

It’s worth noting, the Old Town location gets a lot of CSU student traffic, so it tends to get quite packed. Plus, parking in Old Town can be a challenge.

Everything We Love

About Lima Coffee Roasters

cafe tables and bench seating located along a long window at Lima Coffee Roasters South Mason Fort Collins location

My two biggest criteria for loving a coffee shop are the coffee itself (obviously) and the vibes. But beyond that, what makes Lima Coffee Roasters one of my favorite coffee shops in Fort Collins?

I’ll break it down below.

The Lovely Team at Lima Coffee Roasters

wide angle view of the ordering counter with terracotta hued tiles along the wall at Lima Coffee Roasters South Mason shop in Fort Collins Colorado

Friendly staff is one thing. But a genuinely interested and conversational team is a whole different experience. Lima Coffee Roasters has a team that’s certainly the latter. 

Their team is kind, knowledgeable, and goes out of their way to make you feel at home in their shops. And this is the experience whether they’re jam-packed or going through a slower part of the day.

It’s this type of excitement for their craft and the coffee that makes going to Lima Coffee Roasters such a joy. And you can tell it starts with the owners and their appreciation for their people and the city of Fort Collins.

It’s not the first time I’ve overheard the baristas speaking highly of the owners and how much they care. And that totally translates to the full coffee shop experience; when you care about your people, your people give that some care to the whole coffee shop.

Lima Coffee Roasters Is the Kind of Shop Where You Feel Encouraged to Stay Awhile

wide angle view of the cafe seating options including shared tables and a living room style lounge area with a couch at the South Mason Fort Collins location of Lima Coffee Roasters
a wall painted black with the words "propagation station. take one. leave one" and small tube shaped vases attached to the wall holding small plants

We all know those coffee shops: the ones that want you to get in and out within a few minutes. The ones that clearly don’t want you to sit down at a table and meet with old friends, play a board game, or get work done for a few hours.

Well, Lima Coffee Roasters is certainly not one of them. The way they’ve designed their coffee shops encourages people to stay awhile.

coffeeshop lounge corner at Lima Coffee Roasters South Mason Fort Collins location with two plush leather cushioned chairs tucked in a cozy nook
brown leather couch with two black leather chairs sitting in front of them and a neon sign on the wall that says love people love coffee in a corner of the Lima Coffee Roasters shop in Fort Collins

Tables for anyone needing to camp out with their laptop for a couple hours. Comfy couches and padded lounge chairs for anyone looking to spend a cozy fall afternoon catching up with friends over coffee. Large windows to admire the outdoors or watch as people walk by. And at the South Mason location, games sitting atop a gorgeous shelf for those looking for a more playful, less work-focused experience.

Everything about the way Lima Coffee Roasters designs their Fort Collins coffee shops says, “we want you here”. 

Lima Coffee Roasters Sells Some of the Cutest Coffee Accessories and Decor

table with branded Lima Coffee Roasters merchandise including to go coffee cups that say "FoCo is Home"

In addition to selling the beans they roast themselves, Lima Coffee Roasters has a lovely collection of coffee-making gear and branded merch for sale in their coffee shops. 

Sure, most coffee shops do something like this, but you can just tell that there’s an eye for design and a thoughtful curation that goes into products that Lima puts on display. Their stuff makes you want to rep your favorite coffee shop, it’s just that cute.

Plus, if you live in or are from Fort Collins, they have lots of “FoCo is Home” branded items, which I absolutely love. 

Think You May Want to Call Fort Collins (Or Colorado) Home?

As Coloradans, we can’t help but think our state is one of the most epic places to call home. If you’re considering the move, we’re breaking down all the must-know pros and cons of living in the Centennial State.

You Can Create the Lima Coffee Roasters Experience at Home With Their In-House Roasted Beans

bags of roasted beans on a wooden shelf in Lima Coffee Roasters coffee shop in Fort Collins

A lot of craft coffee shops don’t roast their own beans, and a lot of them source their beans from some of the best known names in the biz, like Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, Stumptown, and Verve. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but there’s something so special about a coffee shop that roasts their own beans, and Lima is one of those.

If you’re visiting Fort Collins, taking home a bag of their beans is the perfect souvenir. And if you’re a local, it’s the perfect way to get that coffee shop taste at home, when you just can’t swing by one of Lima Coffee Roasters’ 3 Fort Collins locations.

Curious How You Can Get Those Coffee Shop Vibes at Home?

I’m a firm believer that a to-go cup just doesn’t cut it, and that there’s nothing better than drinking coffee out of a handmade ceramic mug. It just tastes better (I don’t make the rules!). I’ve pulled together a curated collection of some of my favorite mugs, from small shop ceramicists that are doing amazing work.

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