17 Most Unique Wedding Ring Box Designs

For Your Engagement + Wedding Day

rose gold vintage engagement and wedding band ring sitting in a pink velvet unique wedding ring box

17 Most Unique Wedding Ring Box Designs for Your Engagement + Wedding Day

It’s one of our favorite (yet most overlooked) parts of the engagement and wedding planning process: finding the best and most unique wedding ring box.

While easy to forget, a solid and beautifully unique engagement or wedding ring box is a must-have for the proposal and wedding day itself. Not only does your wedding ring box keep your engagement and wedding bands safe, but it also serves as an essential backdrop for many of the detail photos your photographer takes on your wedding day.

As photographers and wedding industry professionals, we’ve seen our fair share of unique engagement and wedding ring boxes. And honestly, a beautiful engagement ring box can make all the difference in your wedding photos (while also making for a lovely keepsake).

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our favorite unique engagement and wedding ring boxes that are truly unforgettable and unlike anything else out there. And we’ve also answered some common questions we get from our couples about why an engagement or wedding ring box is essential and how you can choose the best one.

Do I Need to Buy a Ring Box?

neutral velvet unique wedding ring box holding a white gold diamond engagement ring

Yes. An engagement or wedding ring box is essential for safe-keeping of your rings. While you don’t necessarily need to buy anything elaborate or expensive, at the bare minimum you really do need to buy a ring box.

Not having a dedicated engagement or wedding ring box significantly increases the chances of your ring getting lost or damaged.

To keep your engagement or wedding ring in peak condition, you shouldn’t wear it when you’re doing dishes, taking a shower, or going to the gym (for the gym, we love silicone bands in particular as an alternative).

All of these activities can cause your ring to get damaged or for gemstones to fall out. So your engagement or wedding ring box is the place you’ll need to store your ring when it’s not being worn.

One thing to note about wedding ring boxes vs jewelry boxes: a typical wedding ring box has slots to separate and pad each of your rings, while a traditional jewelry box is completely open in the interior, allowing rings and other jewelry pieces to touch one another. 

So the jewelry box format (unless it comes with slots) can allow items to scratch against each other, which can cause the precious metals and gemstones on your engagement and wedding rings to wear down faster. Given this, we recommend using jewelry boxes primarily for wedding photos and traditional slotted wedding ring boxes for storage.

What Do You Do With a Ring Box After Proposing?

Unique wooden wedding ring box from Muujee, photo by Sheena Shahangian Photography

Not sure what to do with a ring box after proposing? Keep it! If you hired a photographer to take engagement photos, they’ll likely want to get some photos of the engagement ring in its box. 

Your engagement ring box can also be used on the wedding day, too. And as we mentioned earlier, the engagement ring box is essential for safe-keeping. The reality is, you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring at all times if you want your jewelry to last, and a solid engagement or wedding ring box is the key to that.

Unique glass wedding ring box from Muujee, photo by Sheena Shahangian Photography

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As seasoned wedding professionals, we’ve created the complete proposal guide, with everything you need to know before popping the question. You’ll want to read this before buying that engagement or wedding ring box.

What is a Ring Box Used For at a Wedding?

wedding band sitting in a Mrs Box luxury velvet unique wedding ring box with wedding earrings propped up on it

Wedding ring boxes have several uses on the wedding day. The first is for safe-keeping of the wedding bands for the ceremony. Generally speaking, there will be two wedding ring boxes brought to the ceremony: one for each partner.

The other main use for engagement and wedding ring boxes is for photos of wedding details. One of the first things your photographer will do on the big day is take photos of your wedding details. These include things like your wedding dress or suit, perfume or cologne, and any and all jewelry (including engagement and wedding rings).

So naturally, a unique wedding ring box is an essential part of this. You want to not only choose an engagement or wedding ring box that serves a practical purpose, but you’ll also want to bring a unique wedding ring box that shows off your wedding style too (more on this later).

rose gold vintage engagement ring sitting in a pink velvet unique wedding ring box

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase your engagement or wedding ring box through our links, we may earn a commission, at no cost to you. Shopping through our links helps support this small business and is greatly appreciated. The list of the most unique engagement and wedding ring box designs included in this article is curated with love, from selling platforms we use and trust ourselves as wedding photographers (and that we recommend to our wedding clients).

What to Look for in an Engagement or Wedding Ring Box

Tips for Choosing the Most Unique Wedding Ring Box

wedding band and engagement ring placed in a pink velvet unique wedding ring box

Finding the best and most unique wedding ring box can be a bit of a challenge (so many options!) if you don’t know what to look for.

As wedding professionals who have photographed more rings and wedding ring boxes than we can count, we have a few key recommendations we always share with our couples.

  • Choose a wedding ring box that goes with your wedding colors. This will make the photos of your wedding ring box cohesive with rest of your wedding photo gallery.
  • Choose a wedding ring box you’ll love looking at well after the wedding day is complete. This is not a one-day use item.
  • Consider your wedding ring box a keepsake; you get what you pay for in terms of durability.
  • For materials, velvet is great for a luxurious look, wood works well for a rustic vibe, glass has a whimsical feeling, and acrylic is very modern.
  • Lighter wedding ring box colors are great if your photographer shoots in a “bright and airy” style or if you have a ring with a dark gemstone (light backdrops allow dark rings to pop).
  • Darker wedding ring box colors allow bright stones like diamonds stand out.

Where to Buy The Best and Most Unique Wedding Ring Boxes

Our Favorite Shops for Unique Engagement Ring Boxes

vintage diamond engagement ring sitting in an off white velvet unique wedding ring box from the Mrs Box

When it comes to the best and most unique wedding ring box and engagement ring box designs, Etsy is hands-down our #1 choice.

There are so many talented artisans hand-crafting the most stunning and unique wedding ring boxes made of everything from velvet to glass to acrylic to wood. We’ll share our favorites in this guide!

Another unexpectedly great place to get a unique wedding ring box? Amazon. It may not be the first place you think of when it comes to unique, handcrafted goods, but they definitely have some gems.

While many engagement rings already come with a ring box, those boxes tend to be branded with the jeweler’s name. That’s fine for safe-keeping, but generally speaking, it’s not a great idea for wedding photos.

We personally love the idea of buying a keepsake, unique wedding ring box that you’ll cherish for years to come. There are so many awesome customizable options, too, where you can put your names or your wedding date on the ring box, too.

The Most Unique Wedding Ring Boxes

With Stunning Designs

This curated list includes our favorite unique engagement and wedding ring boxes. We’ve chosen a variety of styles, including everything from boho to modern to rustic, so that it’s easy to find a ring box that matches your distinct wedding aesthetic.

Let’s dive in: these are the the most unique wedding ring boxes we’re loving right now.

Photo: courtesy of Flowers for Lola

There are lots of stunning velvet wedding ring boxes out there, but it’s not often we come across one with such a unique shape.

We love that this ring box is shaped like a diamond. The striking angles truly accentuate any engagement ring. And we’re particularly fond of the warmth of the burnt orange color. It’s ideal if you’re planning a fall wedding and have lots of warm tones in your wedding color palette.

Diamond rings are sure to pop against the burnt orange color of this unique velvet wedding ring box, as would sapphires and aquamarines, since blue is a complementary color to orange. So from a color theory perspective, blue and orange are sure to catch the eye (and look truly striking in your wedding photos).

The icing on the cake? You can get a custom monogram on either the outside or inside of the ring box lid.

Ring Box Price: $49+

Photo: courtesy of Camellia and Love

This acrylic engagement and wedding ring box is perfect for anyone planning a wedding with a unique and modern aesthetic.

Acrylic is such an unexpected material for a ring box, but one of the things we love about it is that since it’s clear, you can see your engagement ring and wedding band through it.

This allows for some really awesome wedding detail photos where your photographer can capture the ring box’s customized design on the front, while simultaneously getting your rings in the picture too.

We especially like the scripted calligraphy-inspired font used on this box (although other font options are available). It adds a classic look to a more modern design. And this particular ring box allows for you to also add your wedding date too.

Ring Box Price: $35.99

As photographers who specialize in photographing adventurous mountain elopements, this wooden ring box has a special place in our hearts (there’s a reason so many of our couples love this one!).

It features a gorgeous mountain range engraving on the lid, and text on the front saying “the adventure begins”. We love a unique wedding ring box with an adventurous and meaningful message, and this one hits the mark.

It has two ring slots, so both you and your partner can store your wedding bands inside. And the soft black velvet material used on the ring slots really lets your rings stand out and shine.

This unique wedding ring box is perfect for anyone planning an adventure elopement or having a rustic mountain wedding.

Ring Box Price: $34.99

Photo: courtesy of Soon Wedding Shop

We’re not even sure where to begin with this glass ring box. This unique wedding ring box design is perfect for boho and whimsical weddings. It’s one of those heirloom pieces you’ll admire long after the wedding day.

Like we mentioned earlier, we love a clear ring box, since it allows you to admire the unique box design, while also sneaking a peak at the gorgeous rings inside. There are SO MANY photo opportunities with a box like this one. Trust us, your wedding photographer will thank you.

This stunning box is also another customizable one, with 8 different font options to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern. We particularly love that the ring box also comes with a beige cushion for your engagement and wedding ring.

There’s also a cute little ribbon attached to the cushion that you can use to secure in the rings in place. It’s practical and looks great in photos!

One thing to note: this is definitely one of the more delicate ring boxes on this list and has to be handled with care.

Ring Box Price: $51.12

Photo: courtesy of Beloved Fine Jewels

There’s a good reason this unique wedding ring box is a best seller. First off, it’s a true stunner. We absolutely love the oval shape, as it’s a lot more unexpected and has a vintage feel to it.

This shape is perfect for housing an oval shaped engagement ring. The mirroring of the oval in the ring by the ring box couldn’t be dreamier. But what makes this specific engagement ring box even better? Pricing starts at $19.99. SUCH. A. STEAL. Seriously, velvet ring boxes tend to get pricey, so we love that this one is so budget friendly.

You have the option to add a monogram to the box and choose between a single slot (for housing only an engagement ring) or a double slot (to house both your engagement ring and wedding band).

The color options for this ring box are also amazing. You can choose from a gorgeous selection of neutral tones and pastels. And this shop also offers a few jewel tones if you want something more rich and vibrant in color.

Ring Box Price: $19.99+

Photo: courtesy of The Crushed Crystal

When it comes to unique wedding ring boxes, it doesn’t get more unique than this gorgeous geode one. What better backdrop for your sparkling stone than another sparkling stone?

The gold color casing on this geode wedding ring box only adds to the glamor of the look. This is one of those unique engagement and wedding ring boxes that’s basically made for wedding detail photos.

One thing to note about this specific wedding ring box: it should really only be used for wedding photos. It should not be used for storing your engagement ring or wedding band. This is because of the textured rocky nature of the box, which could leave your ring susceptible to scratches.

Ring Box Price: $115

Photo: courtesy of Leosklo

Calling all vintage lovers! This gold and green glass unique wedding ring box is basically made for you.

There’s something about green glass that takes us back to eras past. And the gold color solder holding the box together really adds to that effect. And if your wedding colors veer more to the earthy and natural side, the color palette of this ring box is perfection.

We especially like how there’s a little clip piece inside this unique ring box that is used to prop the ring upright. Great for storage and engagement + wedding photos alike!

This is definitely one of those keepsake ring boxes you’re going to want sitting out with all your finest jewelry…it’s just that pretty.

Ring Box Price: $59

Photo: courtesy of Hipiwe

If your wedding style leans more toward the timeless, vintage, or whimsical, this unique gold wedding ring box perfectly captures those styles.

Gold is a color that never really goes out of style, and it’s a natural fit for wedding details. With this one, we particularly love the ornate detailing in the design, which gives the engagement ring box a sort of vintage feel that’s reminiscent of decades past.

We really like how the interior of this ring box is lined with velvet to protect your jewelry. And the exterior of the box makes for the perfect pedestal for engagement and wedding ring photos.

Ring Box Price: $18.99

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Photo: courtesy of Velvet Rose

There’s just something so elegant about circle shaped wedding ring boxes; so compact and unique. This rust orange velvet one is an absolute stunner.

There are two slots within the box, making it a great option for not only storing your engagement and wedding rings, but also for capturing them both in your wedding detail photos.

This unique engagement and wedding ring box also comes in several other gorgeous colors, including a whimsical blush and a rich navy. So if you like this particular style of ring box, but have a different wedding color palette, this shop has some great options.

Ring Box Price: $18.99

Photo: courtesy of Evermore Styled

While the circular velvet engagement box we just saw had more of a vintage and classic look, this unique wedding ring box leans heavily into the modern vibes.

It displays the softness that comes with circular shapes, while also presenting a modern and edgy look with the use of an unexpected material like acrylic.

This box comes with a few different types of acrylic options, ranging from clear to a foggy translucent, but we’re partial to the clear (there’s nothing better than being able to see your engagement ring and wedding band through the box).

Ring Box Price: $32+

Photo: courtesy of Once Upon a Time GR

If we’re talking unique keepsake wedding ring boxes, it doesn’t get any cooler than this one. It’s actually a genuine vintage from the 1920’s.

The wide shape is perfect for styling both an engagement ring and wedding band within the box, making this a great option for wedding detail photos.

There’s something so beautiful about its aged and worn aesthetic. Is there anything prettier or more unique than a wedding ring box that’s about a century old?

Ring Box Price: $85.32

Photo: courtesy of Lily and Rue

Pearls are known for their classic aesthetic, but we love this unique take at dotting a pretty velvet ring box with them. Such an unexpected design.

If you’re aiming for a whimsical or ethereal wedding style, this box perfectly complements that. And the hexagon shape adds a slight modern touch to the romantic design.

The glistening sheen on the pearls is the perfect accent to the shine of a diamond, too!

Ring Box Price: $50+

Photo: courtesy of Damla Rose

There’s something so sweet and delicate about this oval shaped vintage mother of pearl wedding ring box. The floral design on the outside case is simple yet just detailed enough to be whimsical.

With anything vintage, you expect some character from its age, and this one delivers on that, with a worn interior that’s what you’d anticipate from a unique wedding ring box that’s over 20 years old.

We love the idea of using the top of the box as a stand to have your engagement and wedding rings photographed. The contrast of black and white provides for a stunning backdrop.

Ring Box Price: $44.79

Photo: courtesy of Kelo Design

As photographers, we’ve kind of obsessed with how cool and unique this wedding ring box is. It’s designed to mimic a camera lens closing and opening to let light in. Except in this case, it opens and closes to display your wedding or engagement ring.

You rotate a twist to open this ring box. Not only does this open the top, but it also brings the rings up higher so they’re coming out of the box slightly. Such a cool way to display your bands!

If you’re either a photographer or photo enthusiast yourself (or your partner is), this unique wedding ring box couldn’t be a cooler option for an engagement or the big day.

Ring Box Price: $112.37

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Photo: courtesy of Personalized By Anna Co

This wedding ring box is as magical as it is unique. The shop that creates these engagement ring boxes offers four different metal options: gold, rose gold, brass, and black.

And there are nine different text personalizations you can choose from too, which allows you to truly create something unique to your personal taste.

And the cherry on top? These ring boxes come with a flower that you can use as a cushion for your rings, which you can see in the picture above.

Again, tons of options. There are 17 different flower color to choose from, so you can easily find one that matches your wedding colors and aesthetic.

Ring Box Price: $36+

Photo: courtesy of Custom Happiness Shop

We love the way these custom wood wedding ring boxes mix traditional elements with more unique aspects, like the intricate personalized engravings.

The magnetic closure on this box makes accessing the contents of the box super simple, and the double slots allow you to store both an engagement and wedding ring inside.

The shop owner for these boxes offers several different engraving customization options, whether you like a monogram design or both your names listed out.

Ring Box Price: $12.99+

Photo: courtesy of The Styling Source

Ring dishes are a gorgeous and unique way to display your wedding or engagement ring, whether in the box or not. It’s one of the many tricks us photographers use to elevate wedding ring photos.

This gold leaf ring dish is a stunning keepsake that’ll also look gorgeous on your dresser for years after the wedding day too.

Ring Dish Price: $29.95

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