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the top 10 best breckenridge airbnb options

Your Guide To The Most Epic, Beautiful Airbnbs in Breckenridge, Colorado

Being an elopement photographer based in Colorado, Breckenridge is one of those mountain towns that I visit quite frequently. It’s one of those places where there’s plenty to do in town, and there are also so many epic ways you can escape from it all and find solace in the Rocky Mountains that surround it. And one of the things I love about Breckenridge is how many epic Airbnbs* there are in the area. The Breckenridge Airbnb options out there are truly next level. 

There’s honestly something for every vibe, whether you’re looking for a modern home to house a large group of friends for a ski trip or a cozy mountain cabin for a couples getaway during wildflower season, Breckenridge has so many different options. Our list of the best Breckenridge Airbnb options includes exactly that: a wide range of styles and sizes, but each one as epic as the next. 

*Disclosure: I may make a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to book through one of the Breckenridge Airbnb links in this article. I take trust very seriously, so I only recommend companies that I use or trust myself. These links help support small businesses like mine and allow me to craft these free articles for you.

How Did Each of These Breck Airbnbs Make the List?

Our Reasoning For Choosing These Stays As The Best Breckenridge Airbnb Options

The Most Photogenic Stays

For The Perfect Vacation Backdrop

As a photographer, I can’t help but look at Airbnbs from the perspective of what looks good through my lens. Each of these Breckenridge Airbnbs caught my eye because of the way they capture a distinct, unique, and beautiful vibe.

Excellent, Thorough Star Ratings

Because Reviews Matter

I’m a big believer that trust is earned and never handed out, which is why I’ve chosen Airbnbs in Breckenridge where guests had glowing things to say. There’s power in guest reviews, and those words factor into whether or not a home made the list.

Unique or Luxurious Style

That Matches Breckenridge's Vibe

I don’t think Breckenridge has only one specific vibe and aesthetic. It’s a town that manages to blend luxury, laid-back sports culture, and the rugged outdoors all in one. There’s something for everyone, and this list reflects that variety.


The Best of the Best

Which Stays Make The List Of The Absolute Best Breckenridge Airbnb Options?

If you’re having trouble narrowing down where you want to stay while in Breckenridge, we’ve picked our top 3 favorites from the best Breckenridge Airbnb list above, and are sharing why we think they’re so awesome.


The Top 3 Breckenridge Airbnb Options

The Cozy Modern Dream Home

# 1 Airbnb in Breckenridge

I don’t know if my words are going to do this Breckenridge Airbnb justice. To be completely frank, I think it’s hands-down the prettiest one in the entire town. I feel like it’s easy for modern homes to feel cold and uninviting, but this home mixes modern with a cozy cabin feel in a way that is just oh so gorgeous. 

The home reminds me of Scandinavian design, where there’s a seamless incorporation of clean, modern lines with materials whose purpose are to be cozy. I also love the pop of contrast that comes with the black accents throughout the home. I’m just saying, but if you want the most photogenic Airbnb in Breckenridge, look no further. Plus, it can house up to 10 guests, so it’s a great deal for groups coming out to the Rockies for a ski or snowboarding trip. 

The Whimsical Breckenridge Cabin

#2 Airbnb in Breckenridge

The best way I can describe this Breckenridge Airbnb is that it looks like a whimsical, fairytale cabin straight out of a storybook (and at a rate that won’t break the bank, especially for housing up to 4 guests). If you can’t already tell, the Airbnbs in Breckenridge that made my top 3 are the ones that are an experience in and of themselves, and this one, without a question, accomplishes that. 

Cozy wood paneling and open shelving in the kitchen add to the homey feel of this spot. The wall art and playful patterns throughout the house make the cabin fun for both kids and adults. The host of this Breckenridge Airbnb has a true attention to detail, and you see it at every turn.

The Moody, Modern Breckenridge Cabin

#3 Airbnb In Breckenridge

This moody, modern log cabin is an absolute stunner. And at a 6 guest cap, it’s also great deal for the area. I love that while a lot of modern cabins opt to go with white everything, the designer of this cabin decided to put the emphasis on black. Dark floors, black finishes, a show-stopping black spiral staircase, dark showers. Yet none of it seems to make the cabin feel closed in at all. 

The use of dark colors adds a luxury, high-end feel to this Breckenridge cabin, and makes it stand out amongst the other Airbnbs in the area. I’ve never seen a log cabin that looks quite like this one. And on top of all of this, the cabin has pretty views, too.

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