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Review of Silver Plume's Hidden Gem Coffee Shop

interior of Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume Colorado

Why Plume Coffee Bar May Just Be Colorado's Best Coffee Shop

An Honest Review of Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume, CO

Here’s the thing: as a former barista and a Colorado local, I’ve visited my fair share of coffee shops across the state. And in all my hears of hunting for the best spot, Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume, Colorado may just take the cake. Needless to say, it has my heart, and in this guide, I’ll share exactly why this shop needs to be on your list.

Colorado is home to such an eclectic collection of coffee shops, each with their own vibe (p.s., if you’re in FoCo, be sure to check out another fave of mine: Lima). But there’s something about Plume Coffee Bar that perfectly captures everything I love about Colorado: kindhearted people who love their neighbors, laid back and casual vibes, and an outdoors culture that is welcoming and approachable for all.

Let’s get into the details!

archway leading to a room at Plume Coffee Bar with games and cafe tables

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Let's Cover The Essentials

How's the Coffee at Plume Coffee Bar?

latte in a branded Plume Coffee Bar mug in Silver Plume Colorado

Whenever I review a coffee shop, I always make sure I order the same drink to ensure consistency: a whole milk latte with no sweeteners. 

As a former barista, this allows me to both assess the quality of the espresso, the way the shot is pulled, the aeration of the milk, and the latte art. Basically, this drink lets me grade all the essentials of what makes a good coffee-based drink.

And in all the times I’ve ordered my latte at Plume Coffee Bar, they’ve nailed it. The milk is the perfect balance of silky and airy. The espresso is always dialed in just right: never bitter and never sour. All of this to say: the drink tastes damn good.

And if you’re into specialty drinks, Plume Coffee Bar always has fun ones…like the Lavender Haze they featured over the summer (hello, fellow Swifties!).

Let's Talk Vibes

Defining the Aesthetic of Plume Coffee Bar

archway framed with plants looking into a lounge area at Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume Colorado, with a set of skis mounted to the wall

This is really where Plume Coffee Bar shines. Their vibe is truly unlike anything else I’ve seen in Colorado.

Plume Coffee Bar is located in the town of Silver Plume, which totally gives off ghost town vibes, with its mining era buildings and dirt roads. But people still call this gem of a spot home, and it couldn’t be any cooler.

And the interior of Plume Coffee Bar totally honors the town, the historic 1875 building it sits in, and Colorado mountain culture as a whole. The design is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage, where you feel present in today’s world, while simultaneously being transported back to the mining heyday. 

More on this later, but let’s just say, the vibes are immaculate.

What We Love

About Plume Coffee Bar

vintage style drink ordering counter with mugs hanging against the wall at Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume Colorado

The coffee itself and the vibes of a coffee shop are the two core essentials in my book. But beyond that, what makes Plume Coffee Bar  in Silver Plume, CO one of my all-time fave coffee shops in the entire state? 

Let’s cover all the must-know details.

The Classic Colorado Laid Back Vibes Are Unmatched at Plume Coffee Bar

vintage French inspired cafe table and bistro chair at Plume Coffee Bar in front of a pegboard style shelf wall with games propped on its shelves

There’s something about the feel and vibe of Plume Coffee Bar that perfectly captures the laid back and eclectic aesthetic of Colorado.

The faded sepia toned mountain mural wallpaper in the main entryway pages homage to the tree-covered mountains just outside the doors of Plume Coffee Bar. The vintage style cafe chairs, worn books, typewriter, cozy wood-burning stove, antique pyrometer pinned to the wall, and vintage-inspired pendant lights are a nod to times long past…feeling perfectly at home in a town that feels like its still the boom of the mining era.

The mounted skis are a reference to all the skiing and snowboarding just a short drive from the coffee shop doors. And Plume Coffee Bar’s cozy lounge areas and kids corner perfectly embody what I like to call “Colorado kindness,” where everyone is welcome to gather and feel at home.

vintage typewriter sitting in the window of a cafe
archway framed with plants looking into a lounge area at Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume Colorado, with a set of skis mounted to the wall

Everything about Plume Coffee Bar feels approachable…never pretentious. It’s the kind of cafe where you always feel welcome to come as you are, whether that’s during your commute up and down i70 or on your way home from a hike at one of the many nearby trails in the area.

Colorado merchandise shelf at Plume Coffee Bar with a branded coffee shop hat and a Silver Plume themed black and white postcard alongside mugs and hiking guide books

And Plume Coffee Bar’s merch table is hands-down one of my favorites. From nature-inspired hiking journals to trail guide books to candles that smell like the great outdoors, everything on their shelves embodies Colorado perfectly.

Plume Coffee Bar Is The Perfect Hangout Spot For Friends to Gather

archway leading to a room with cafe window seating at Plume Coffee Bar in Silver Plume Colorado

From the large communal booth to the couches for lounging to the cute cafe tables for two, Plume Coffee Bar is basically the perfect meeting place for all types of groups.

I’ve brought my husband here for a cute afternoon coffee date after hiking a nearby 13’er that morning. And I’ve come with my whole family for breakfast to enjoy the delicious breakfast burritos (a must when you visit, if you ask me).

No seriously, the breakfast burritos at Plume deserve a big shoutout. No, you won’t find a picture of them in this article. Why? I’ve never had the patience to take one, because I was too busy digging in. Talk about a delicious post-sunrise-hike treat.

shelves filled with books and games at Plume Coffee Bar in Colorado

And in the side room of Plume Coffee Bar, there’s a nice collection of games to keep you entertained for hours or distract you in between stretches of getting work done. Does it get any better?

Plume Coffee Bar Is Centrally Located Near Some of the Best Hikes and Drives in Colorado

exterior of Plume Coffee Bar with views of the mountains in Silver Plume Colorado in the background

Located right along i70 and nearby so many great mountain villages, I’d argue that Plume Coffee Bar’s location is one of the biggest selling points. So many of my favorite mountain passes and trails are close by.

Some of our favorite sights nearby (all less than an hour from Plume Coffee Bar):

  • Loveland Pass – one of the most iconic mountain passes nearby and home to some of our fave hikes (like the stunning Mt. Sniktau)
  • Silver Dollar Lake – a three lake hike with some serious mountain vista view payoffs. Plus, the drive to the trailhead is beyond pretty.
  • Mayflower Gulch – hands-down one of Colorado’s most iconic hikes, with awesome views of mining cabin ruins and jagged peaks.
  • Clinton Gulch – Mayflower’s neighbor, but a much more family-friendly, easier hike. Perfect for fishing, if that’s your thing.

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Plume Coffee Bar Is The Type of Shop That's Fun For the Whole Family

interior of Plume Coffee Bar with a kids corner in the back of the cafe

I’ve been to many a coffee shop where you’re either there to get your brew and go or sit down to work for a few hours. But Plume Coffee Bar is welcoming to people in all stages of life, especially families.

As someone with a toddler who’s extra curious and extra energetic, I can’t help but appreciate the kids corner in the back of the coffee shop. And Plume Coffee Bar’s collection of games is perfect for keeping older kids entertained while you get your caffeine fix.

Yes, you can totally find quiet corners to unwind and get some work done, but Plume Coffee Bar also does an amazing job of catering to everyone and making all feel welcome, no matter their stage in life. 

Needless to say, if Plume isn’t on your list of stops, whether you’re visiting or a local, what are you doing? Go…now!

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