20+ Goddess Wedding Dresses Perfect for Elopements

A Guide to Find The Ideal Goddess Wedding Dress for Your Adventure Elopement

two toned goddess wedding dress hand painted blue for an elopement in the mountains

The Ultimate List of Goddess Wedding Dresses for Adventure Elopements

There’s nothing quite as stunning as a goddess wedding dress on an elopement day. Something about the billowing fabric, delicate details, and whimsical feel makes these types of gowns absolutely perfect for adventurous elopements.

As an elopement photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of elopement dresses, and without fail, the ones that always stand out to me are the ones with a greek goddess-like vibe. So I’ve scoured the web to find the most beautiful goddess wedding dresses out there, and I’m sharing the details below!

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase your goddess wedding dress through my links, I may earn a commission, at no cost to you. Shopping through my links helps support this small business and is greatly appreciated. This dress list is curated with love, from selling platforms I use and trust myself.

What to Look for in a Goddess Wedding Dress

When You're Planning an Adventure Elopement

When searching for the perfect goddess wedding dress, you’ll want to look for a gown that is comfortable and easy to move around in. 

This is particularly true is you’re doing any heavy adventuring on your elopement day. Look for lightweight fabrics and dress skirts that don’t constrict movement.

How Much You Should Expect to Spend

On an Elopement Dress

The goddess wedding dresses I’ve recommended in this article range from under $100 to over $2000. What you spend on yours is completely up to you, wedding rules be damned.

Yes, you can certainly get a beautiful dress on a budget, but just keep in mind that higher price tags are usually indicative of higher quality fabrics, so think about how much that matters to you on your elopement day.

The Best Goddess Wedding Dresses

To Rock on Your Elopement Day

So let’s jump right into these goddess wedding dresses. I’ll share my personal favorites and what I love about them. I’ll also include links to each so you can snag your dream elopement dress.

1. Blush Rose Chiffon Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $665+

light pink goddess wedding dress with should train

Photo: courtesy of BoudoirWedding

When it comes to goddess wedding dresses, my hands-down favorite dress material is chiffon. It blows so beautifully in the wind, which is perfect for adventure elopements. 

Whether you’re eloping on an oceanside cliff on the California coast or the top of a mountain in the Rockies, chiffon will look epic. The blush rose color of this dress will look stunning during sunrise or sunset, too.

2. Plunging V Maxi Goddess Wedding Dress from Lulu's

Elopement Dress Price: $88

maxi greek style goddess wedding dress with a high slit

Photo: courtesy of Lulu’s

Lulu’s wedding dresses are such a steal, and great if you’re on a budget when shopping for your goddess wedding dress. If you like the maxi-dress length, this gown is perfect. Plus, the slit up the side makes adventuring outside that much easier.

3. Handmade Silk + Lace Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $1,575

white silk and lace greek goddess wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of Mywony Bridal

This handmade silk and lace goddess wedding dress is a literal work of art, and hands-down one of my favorite gowns on this list for adventure elopements.

As you can see from the dress shop’s photo above, the fabric is so moveable and designed in a way that’s perfect for adventurous elopements where running in the mountains is practically a given.

4. Lace Bodice Lantern-Sleeved Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $646

off-shoulder lantern sleeve goddess wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of LD Couture

The sheer, lantern sleeves on this lacey goddess wedding dress are to die for. I can already picture them catching the morning light during a sunrise adventure elopement ceremony. 

If you’re looking for a dress that has the goddess vibe, while also including delicate lace detailing, this gown is perfect.

5. One-Shoulder Midi-Length Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $68

one shoulder mid length goddess wedding dress from Lulus

Photo: courtesy of Lulu’s

One of the things I love most about goddess wedding dresses is how they’re both comfortable and beautiful, and this one-shoulder Lulu’s midi-length gown is no different. 

The textured fabric and slightly ruffled skirt ends add interest, and the midi-length has a modern look that’s totally on-brand for elopements.

6. Fitted-Bodice Chiffon Goddess Dress with Cutouts

Elopement Dress Price: $236

lightweight fitted bodice goddess wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of BRIDES Couture

This lovely dress is like a blend between an art deco style and a goddess style, and I am fully in love with it. Again, chiffon fabric is one of the best materials for elopement dresses, and that’s what this one is. 

The pinched waistline is super flattering, and the loose skirt allows for maximum adventuring. And can we talk about that price? What a steal for this goddess-like gown.

7. Tie-Strap Tasseled Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $78

ankle length greek style goddess wedding dress from Lulus

Photo: courtesy of Lulu’s

If being ultra-comfortable in your dress is important, this tasseled tie-strap ankle-length elopement dress is the one.

It has a billowy-loose fabric on the skirt, which makes it easy to walk and hike in, and the tassel accents add that cute factor.

8. Long-Sleeved Backless Geometric Lace Goddess Gown

Elopement Dress Price: $718.38

geometric lace backless goddess wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of Calliste Bride

There’s something so romantic about long-sleeved lace wedding dresses, and this one is exactly that. I especially love the delicate little buttons near the wrist and the open v-shaped back to the gown. 

If you want to feel like a goddess princess on your elopement day, this dress is for you.

9. Comfy Chiffon Off-Shoulder Gown with Long Train

Elopement Dress Price: $520+

comfortable off-shoulder chiffon gown with long train

Photo: courtesy of BoudoirWedding

This off-shoulder gown is the epitome of a greek goddess wedding dress. The lightweight, billowing chiffon fabric is perfect for a summertime elopement, and the loose long-sleeves will catch the wind on the top of that mountain. Talk about dreamy.

10. Airy, High-Neck Long-Sleeved Dress with Cinched Waistline

Elopement Dress Price: $380

airy high neck long sleeve goddess wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of Lebride Atelier

Honestly, this goddess wedding dress is the one that inspired the writing of this article. I’ve been a long-time admirer of this gown. It’s whimsical, romantic, and honestly unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.

I’m not always a fan of high-neck dresses, because it tends to look like there’s too much fabric and not enough human, but this one balances that look so perfectly. The cinched waistline helps a lot with that, too.

11. Off-Shoulder Goddess Wedding Dress with Cutouts

Elopement Dress Price: $590

deep v off-shoulder greek goddess wedding dress without cutout bodice

Photo: courtesy of Lebride Atelier

This off-shoulder goddess wedding dress is a total show-stopper. The cutouts on the sides and the sheer, billowing sleeves give the gown such a whimsical, unique feel that’s really unlike anything else.

12. Off-Shoulder Sleeveless Billowing Chiffon Gown

Elopement Dress Price: $480

chiffon off-shoulder sleeveless goddess gown

Photo: courtesy of Lebride Atelier

This sleeveless off-shoulder number has a princess-like vibe that’s just classically beautiful. If you’re looking for a goddess wedding dress that perfectly mixes the whimsical with the traditional, this gown is a great choice.

13. Purple-Accented Delicate Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $590+

off shoulder greek gown with purple accents

Photo: courtesy of Deliza Bridal

If you want a goddess wedding dress that has a bit of a non-traditional feel to it, you’ll love this gown with purple/pink accents. It’s fun and playful while still having that soft and whimsical vibe.

14. Gray + Blush Silk Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $1,585

gray and blush silk and lace goddess-style wedding dress

Photo: courtesy of Mywony Bridal

Remember dress #3, the handmade silk + lace? This is the colorful version of that gown, and it’s absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Elopements are just so non-traditional by nature, and that’s part of why I think this goddess elopement gown is perfect for these types of weddings.

This goddess wedding dress takes a soft and delicate fabric and adds a little edge, with colors that make a statement. Talk about ideal for adventure elopements.

15. Beaded Lace Grecian Gown with Illusion Tulle

Elopement Dress Price: $2,765

grecian goddess wedding dress with shoulder train wings silk chiffon skirt and illusion tulle

Photo: courtesy of Ela Siromascenko

Send me back in time to Ancient Greece, so I can wear this breathtaking dress and pretend I’m a full-fledged goddess. Like, holy cow. I don’t know if I have words for this one. 

Y’all, the freaking wings off the shoulders, the illusion tulle at the neckline, the partially transparent beaded bodice. My word. Three words: NEED. THIS. DRESS.

16. Pearl-Accented Long-Sleeved Elopement Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $544+

minimalist pearl goddess-style gown

Photo: courtesy of BoudoirWedding

Looking for a little bling on your goddess wedding gown? This pearl-accented number is for you. It’s playful, with a tinted blush color that’s fun, while also being elopement-ready.

17. Sheer-Sleeved Sequin Goddess Wedding Gown

Elopement Dress Price: $300+

beaded sequin goddess-styled white gown with open back

Photo: courtesy of Flutter Dresses

There’s a reason this goddess-style gown is called the Diamonds Dress. I mean, look at it! That sparkle will be quick to catch the eye (and the sunlight) on your elopement day. Talk about the perfect gown to pop against the mountains.

18. Delicate Off-Shoulder Chiffon Elopement Gown

Elopement Dress Price: $400

off-shoulder chiffon puffy sleeved elopement dress

Photo: courtesy of Lebride Atelier

If you’re looking for a more minimalist look for your goddess wedding dress, this delicate off-shoulder chiffon gown with sweet white little buttons down the back is a must-see.

I love that it’s simple, yet makes a real statement with the minimalist details it incorporates. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good train (especially one that can pick up some of the dirt on the trails), and this one is lovely.

19. Lightweight V-Neck Chiffon Long-Sleeve Elopement Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $280+

long sleeve chiffon lightweight dress with belt

Photo: courtesy of BoudoirWedding

I love how timeless this long-sleeved chiffon goddess gown is. One of the perks of eloping in nature is that your wedding decor is always timeless because nature never goes out of style. And neither will this dress.

It’s lightweight, easy to move around in, and it has a lovely satin belt. You may need to get a slip to go along with it, as the entire dress is quite sheer, but that’s totally your call!

20. Wing-Sleeved Sparkling Green Goddess Wedding Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $700

sparkling glittered greek goddess wedding dress with wings

Photo: courtesy of Lebride Atelier

Looking for a little glam and sparkle to your Greek goddess-style wedding dress? This dress with flowy winged sleeves, glitter on the skirt, and floral lace detailing on the bodice will totally rock your world. 

21. Chiffon + Satin Long-Sleeved Goddess-Styled Elopement Dress

Elopement Dress Price: $440+

chiffon and satin flowy long sleeved greek goddess-style white gown

Photo: courtesy of BoudoirWedding

Not only does this chiffon and satin long-sleeved elopement dress look beautiful, but it also looks super comfortable (which is a total win on your elopement day). 10/10 would wear.

Found Your Greek Goddess Wedding Dress and Need More Elopement Planning Help?

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As someone who also eloped, I’ve got your back in this process. You’ve got this!

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