Cute, Romantic Date Ideas for Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

Outdoors and Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Every Season of the Year

unique romantic date ideas for outdoors and at home date nights

Romantic and Unique Date Night Ideas

Broken Down By Every Season of the Year

Does the phrase “what should we do for date night” make you want to crawl into a hole? There’s so much pressure on those seven words, right? You’re trying to cram in all these expectations and activities into a single evening. Hey, I get it. Planning romantic date ideas comes with a lot of pressure.

What happens if you pick the wrong one? What happens if you partner doesn’t like what you’ve suggested? What happens if you don’t have any fun?

Whether you’re in the beginning of a relationship or you’ve been married for decades, having romantic date nights is an important aspect of any relationship. There’s always room to continue getting to know one another and explore what your life can be together.

These romantic date ideas are here to inspire exactly that. And we’ve broken them out by the season so you can use this date night ideas guide year-round to plan your romantic adventures with your boo.

couple enjoying a leaf peeping romantic fall date night outside

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The Different Date Ideas Categories

These date ideas are split up by season, and categorized with a tag, so you can choose which unique date night ideas you love. Here are the categories:

Playful + Fun Date Ideas

For Couples Looking to Adventure and Have Fun Together

Looking for an adrenaline rush or an epic adventure? Look for the date ideas in this article categorized as “playful + fun.”

This date night guide has 46 date night ideas that fall into the playful + fun category.

Romantic Date Ideas

For Couples Looking to Add a Little Spice and Romance to Their Date Night

Want to sweep your partner off their feet and remind them of how much you love them? Romantic date ideas are the perfect solution.

Our date guide reviews 26 date ideas that fall into the “romantic” category.

At Home Date Night Ideas

For Couples Looking to Get Cozy and Make the Most of their At-Home Date

Looking for cozy ways to spend together without leaving the house? Check out the date night ideas that are tagged as “at home date night ideas.”

This guide as 29 different at home date night ideas to consider!

Fall Date Ideas

Cute Fall Date Night Ideas to Soak up the Changing of the Leaves

cute and romantic fall date ideas for cozy time together

1. Plan a Day to Go Play in the Leaves

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

There’s nothing better than spending your fall date night playing in the autumn leaves. Collect some in the backyard or drive to your favorite aspen grove and admire how gorgeous they are. Let’s be honest, sometimes the most fun and romantic date ideas are the simplest!

2. Have a Sunset Picnic at Your Favorite Mountain Overlook or Outdoors Spot

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Fall weather is absolutely perfect for picnics. Personally, I love the idea of having a fall picnic date in the mountains, where you can enjoy the cool weather and the epic fall colors from a beautiful overlook. All you need is your favorite snacks and an adorable picnic basket, and you’re all set for hands-down one of the simplest, yet most romantic date ideas.

3. Plan a Horseback Riding Adventure Together

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Did you know that fall is the best season for trail riding? Talk about a fun and romantic date idea. None of the sweltering heat of the summer, but all the beauty that comes with being in the great outdoors.

4. Make a Day of Creating Your Own Halloween Costumes

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Are you and your partner really into Halloween? Why not dedicate your fall date night to creating fun and unique costumes to wear?

5. Have a Fall Pie-Baking Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Nothing quite says “fall” like a good seasonal pie. If you and your partner love to bake, a pie-baking fall date night is such a fun way to spend time together.

And if you need a truly solid cookbook to guide you through the pie-baking process, this lovely pie recipe book is not only a gorgeous keepsake for your kitchen counter, but contains iconic pie recipes that’ll take that romantic, at home date night to the next level.

6. Take a Romantic Trip to Your Favorite Glamping Destination

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

I personally love the way glamping is this perfect blend of the outdoors, but also with the refined experience that comes with a nice stay. And if you ask me, fall is just about the perfect season for a glamping date night.

Some of the most epic glamping is out in the desert (like Under Canvas Moab or Zion) and fall is the perfect time to plan your romantic date in those areas. Speaking of Moab, if you plan on visiting, I’ve written a post on my favorite things to do/places to visit there, to get you started.

7. Plan a Leaf-Peeping Road Trip

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Why only view the fall leaves in your local area when you can turn your fall date into a full-on leaf-peeping road trip? Pack your bags and explore the aspen trees in Colorado, plan a road trip to see the larches in Washington, or peep the maple trees along the east coast. This unique date night idea is sure to pack the romance and the fun.

Not Sure Where to Start When Planning a Leaf Peeping Road Trip Date Night?

Colorado is known for its fall colors, with more aspen trees than any other state…perfect for a fall date night. And as a local, I’ve crafted an epic itinerary that includes my favorite road trip stops you can’t miss.

8. Plan a Wine-Tasting Date Weekend in Napa Valley

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Looking for a romantic getaway for your date? Sneak away to a vacation home in Napa Valley to go wine tasting in the fall. Autumn is one of the best seasons to get out there.

9. Start the Process of Learning a New Language Together

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

The seasons are changing and it’s getting colder outside, which means it’s the perfect time for you and your partner to start learning that language you’ve been wanting to practice. 

Make this a regular date night activity so that once summer rolls around, you’re ready for international travels!

10. Set Up Your Tent in the Backyard and Share Ghost Stories

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

I’m a sucker for all things Halloween, and I’m a big believer that the best fall date ideas incorporate something spooky. Get your at home date night started by setting up a tent in the backyard, grabbing a flashlight, and telling all those spooky ghost stories.

First one who chickens out and runs back in the house owes the other a complimentary back massage! Who says an at home date night can’t be fun?!

11. Rent a Camper Van For the Weekend and Go Exploring

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

There’s nothing quite like living out of a camper van for the weekend. It’s one of the most fun and unique ways to road trip and the perfect romantic date idea for couples looking to do something a bit more adventurous.

Where to Go For an Epic Camper Van Multi-Day Date Night Adventure

Washington State is hands-down one of my favorite states to travel by road. It’s absolutely perfect for a fun camper van date night. My article on the best road trip stops in WA can help get you started with epic spots and ideas for your date night adventure.

12. Check out a Local Oktoberfest Celebration

Category: Playful + Fun Date Night Ideas

If beer and folk music are your vibe, checking out an Oktoberfest celebration is such a fun way to spend a fall date night together.

13. Make Homemade Cider and Get Your Home Fall-Ready By Bringing Cozy Blankets out of Storage

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Warm homemade apple cider is such a cozy way to welcome autumn. Make a romantic date night out of making some while you gather all your warm fall blankets (I’m personally obsessed with these gorgeous vintage quilts on Etsy) to get your place ready for the chillier seasons. Spike the cider and cozy up in those blankets when you’re done!

14. Try Home-Brewing Beer

Category: Playful + Fun Date Night Ideas

Fall beers tend to be the easiest to start with when home brewing, making this the perfect fun date night idea for couples who love drinking beer and want to try their hand at brewing their own.

15. Plan a Romantic Date at a Local Orchard

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Whether it’s an apple or pecan orchard, go picking your fall favorites and use them to bake some delicious pies when you get home.

16. Plan a Fun Fall Football Game Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

If you and your partner are big football fans, get date night tickets to go see a game live on a nice fall evening.

17. Turn Thanksgiving into a Romantic Date Night at Home

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Who says you can’t have Thanksgiving just the two of you? Take the holiday and make it into a romantic date night with a candlelit dinner for two.

18. Or, Make Like REI, and #OptOutside on Black Friday

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

While everyone is spending their Black Friday going crazy in the stores, you and your partner can turn the day into an epic outdoors fall day. Follow in REI’s footsteps at #OptOutside on Black Friday. 

19. Plan a Scary Yet Fun Date Night at a Haunted House

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

It’s not really fall if you didn’t visit a haunted house, right? I love this fun fall date idea because it’s the perfect way to bring you two together (there’s nothing like getting scared out of your mind to make you feel closer to someone!).

20. Swing By Your Local Coffee Shop and Make a Date of Sampling all the Seasonal Drinks

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

This date night idea is for all you couples who love a good seasonal drink at your local coffee shop. Turn your coffee run into a morning fall date adventure. Grab a table and order all your seasonal favorites and sample them together.

21. Enjoy a Beach Date on the California Coast

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

California’s beaches are divine in the fall months, so plan a romantic fall beach date night by the water. Watch the sun set over the Pacific and enjoy the breezy ocean wind. 

22. Drive to Your Local Pumpkin Patch and Choose the Best Ones to Carve Together

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Step 1: go to your local pumpkin patch. Step 2: Bring those pumpkins home and have an at home date night where you carve scary faces on them and put out your Halloween decorations…the perfect bonding idea!

23. Try Your Hand at Canning Foods on Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Interested in a hands-on at home date night idea for fall? Love spending time in the kitchen together? Head over to your local farmer’s market, grab some goodies, and can some autumnal foods. Not sure what foods to can on your date night? This guide is a great place to start.

24. Have a Scary Movie Marathon Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for scary movies and all things Halloween. And fall is the perfect season for a scary movie marathon at home date night.

25. Take a Camping Trip Before Winter Settles In

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

If you and your partner love spending time adventuring in the outdoors, turn your fall date night into a fun and romantic camping trip. Once it gets cold outside, you’re going to miss those nights beneath the stars (unless of course you’re into winter camping!), so enjoy them now while it’s still nice out.

Winter Date Ideas

Adventurous and Cozy Winter Date Night Ideas to Make the Most of the Chilly Season

unique romantic winter date ideas at the Ice Castles in Dillon Colorado

26. Plan a Skiing or Snowboarding Date

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

While I’m a total sucker for the summertime, these winter date ideas are some of my favorites. And learning to ski or snowboard tops the list of fun date ideas. If you and your partner are the sporty, competitive type, having a date that matches that is the perfect option.

27. Book a Cozy Cabin Getaway for a Snuggly Winter Date Night

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Take advantage of the winter chill and escape away to a cute warm cabin in the mountains (like this insanely adorable one near Lake Tahoe) for your winter date night. Snuggle up by the fire. Drink hot cocoa on the front porch. Spend time time away from reality. As far as date night ideas go, it doesn’t get more romantic.

28. Build a Blanket Fort in the Living Room and Lounge There all Day Long

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

This idea’s for the young at heart: re-live your childhood blanket fort dreams for an at home date night in the living room. No obligations. No rules. Just an epic blanket escape and lots of snuggling. It’s the ideal winter date idea to get away from the cold.

29. Crack Open Your Favorite Cookbook and Prepare an Incredible Three Course Meal For Your Partner

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

If you really want to do it up for your partner with a truly romantic date idea, grab one of your favorite cookbooks and plan out a three course meal you can whip up for them. It’s thoughtful and delicious. Plus, there’s something so special about making an epic meal from scratch for someone you love.

30. Plan an At Home Spa Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Grab a couple luxurious facial sheet masks, some ultra-romantic massage oil, whip up some chilled cucumber water, and treat each other to the at home spa date night experience.

31. Book a Stay at a Hotel with an Outdoors Heated Pool and Hot Tub

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Pools in the summertime are great. But heated pools and hot tubs on a snowy winter date night are something else entirely. And chances are, you won’t have as many people nearby when you go for a dip in winter.

32. Hire a Private Chef for a Romantic At Home Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Who says at home date night ideas require you or your partner cooking? If you want to really do it up, hire a private chef to come cook for you for the day. It’s the perfect splurge, and allows you two to exclusively focus on each other during your cozy date night in.

33. Rent Snowmobiles and Adventure in the Wintry Mountains Together

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Ready for a date night idea that’s sure to give you an adrenaline rush? Rent a couple of snowmobiles and take your winter date outdoors. There are so many incredible mountain destinations that aren’t easily accessible in the winter months, unless of course you’re up for snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, or snowmobiling.

34. Love Whiskey? Plan a Fun Date Night at Your Favorite Distillery

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

I’m a sucker for a good whiskey, and my favorite way to drink it is with my husband Ed. Trying new whiskeys is actually one of our favorite things to do together, which is why I personally love the idea of having a romantic, cute little winter date night at your favorite distillery. 

35. Plan a Wintry Ice Skating Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

If you live in an area where lakes can get frozen and thick enough to ice skate outdoors, consider planning your winter date night around being outside. If not, check our your local figure skating rink and see when they have open skate hours. Usually these places will have ice skates for you to rent as well!

36. Learn a New Craft Together

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Whether it’s woodworking, a pottery class, learning how to weave, or mastering the art of baking, there’s nothing quite like learning a new craft with your partner. It’s a perfect hands-on, romantic date idea that’ll give you two a shared experience and skill you can use for years to come.

37. Plan a Fun Ice Climbing Date

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

If you two are avid adventurers and are already into rock climbing, ice climbing can be an awesome way to take your winter date adventure to the next level. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but if intense outdoors adventures are your thing, this unique date night idea is sure to get the blood pumping.

38. String up Your Holiday Lights

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Love decorating your home for the holidays? Make a romantic date night out of it. Grab your favorite lights and start decorating together. Bonus points for popping some homemade cookies in the oven to satisfy your sweet tooth as you work!

39. Turn Your Date Night into a Desert Vacation

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Desert locations can be hot and uncomfortable in the warmer months, but they can be pure magic in the winter (Moab is one of my personal favorite desert places). And who knows? You might plan your desert date on a day when the desert gets a light dusting of snow. 

40. Comfort Food, Comfort Food, Comfort Food

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Spend your at home date night whipping up (or ordering in!) you and your partner’s favorite comfort foods. For me, that’s 100% mac-n-cheese and biscuits. Does it get any better than comfort foods on a winter night? I think not.

41. Plan a S'Mores and Hot Cocoa Campfire Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Is this really a winter date ideas list if s’more and hot cocoa around a campfire don’t make an appearance? Nah. Start up your backyard fire pit or head over to your local park or favorite campsite and cozy up by the fire with some sweet treats! 

42. Start Dreaming Up Summer Vacation Ideas and Make a Date Night of Planning It

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance the end of winter has you craving summer fun badly. My husband and I have an awesome at home date night idea that cures this, though: dreaming up and making plans for our summertime! It helps the wintertime pass that much faster and gives us something to look forward to!

43. Spend an Afternoon Hanging Out in Your Favorite Local Bookstore

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Here’s an idea for any and all bookworms like me: there’s no better way to have a fun and romantic date night than swinging by your local bookstore and spending a winter afternoon reading! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a page-turner you can take home and read together!

44. Have a Living Room Game Night...Don't Forget the Seasonal Drinks!

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Scrabble. Checkers. Or my personal favorite: Cards Against Humanity. Pair your favorite games with seasonal wintry drinks for a playful and fun date night at home.

45. Holiday Light Peeping Date Night

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

This one’s a go-to romantic date night idea in our household. One of the most magical parts of the wintertime are the gorgeous string lights everyone puts out around the holidays. Make a romantic date night out of finding the best ones!

46. Have "Lunch" at Costco...It's Sample Time!

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

I remember when my husband Ed and I would do this when we were in college, swinging by Costco and seeing if we could get enough samples to cover our lunch for the day. It was kind of like a game, but a delicious one! Why not turn your obligatory trip to Costco for toilet paper and bulk frozen berries into a fun winter date night?

47. Get Dressed Up for Date Night and Attend a Play

Category: Romantic Date Night Ideas

The winter season is the perfect time to have date night at your local theater. One of my husband and I’s first few dates was a winter date night at the historic Fox Theater in Atlanta to see the Nutcracker, and to this day it’s still one of my favorites!

48. Create a Travel Bucket List

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

If you and your partner want to stay at home for date night, but still want to dream up adventurous ideas, take the evening to craft an epic travel bucket list. Come up with all the cool places you’d like to go together, and make a plan to get out there!

49. Go Snowshoeing on Your Favorite Hiking Trail

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Some of my favorite hiking trails become snowshoeing trails in the winter months. Do you and your partner have a favorite trail like this? Pack those snowshoes, and make a winter date out of snowshoeing it on a snowy day!

50. Plan a Movie Marathon At Home Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

This one’s a classic, but it’s still worth including, because honestly, some of the best winter date ideas really only require sitting on your couch at home with a big bowl of popcorn on your lap and a shared cozy blanket. 

Choose a new movie you’ve never seen or opt to binge your favorite series for the millionth time. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this at home date night idea.

Spring Date Ideas

Springtime Date Night Ideas to Celebrate New Beginnings

cute and romantic spring date ideas to celebrate the blooming season

51. Have Date Night Dinner on the Patio of Your Favorite Restaurant

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

With springtime, it’s finally starting to warm up outside, so why not take your romantic date night to the patio of your favorite restaurant?

52. Make Plans for a Backyard Garden

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Springtime is a great time to start a backyard garden. Spend your at home date night planning out what grows in your area and coming up with ideas of what you want your garden to look like. Then swing by your local plant nursery and make it happen!

53. Springtime Home Decor Thrifting Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Don’t worry, I’m not going to put something like “spring cleaning” on this date night ideas list. I don’t know about you, but cleaning doesn’t exactly strike me as a super fun way to spend a perfect spring day.

So how about you and your partner go thrifting for some cute spring home decor to brighten up your space and introduce the new season (if you love a minimalist boho decor style, this Etsy shop is my current obsession)? I think we can all agree that this date night idea is so much more fun than cleaning, right?!

54. Get Some Grocery Store Flowers and DIY Springtime Bouquets to Decorate Your Home

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Going in to my local Trader Joe’s in the springtime is one of my favorite things to do. I’m immediately drawn to the fresh spring blooms, and my husband I love to make a fun spring date night out of grabbing our favorites and making bouquets out of them to freshen up our place!

55. Plan a Farmer's Market Date

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

I love the idea of shopping and supporting local businesses, and swinging by your farmer’s market is a great way to do this! Make a springtime date out of going to your local farmer’s market and seeing what goodies are for sale. Maybe even pick up some fresh ingredients for some springtime cocktails!

56. Build a Treehouse in the Backyard

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

If you have kids, this at home date night idea is a win for both you and them. Working on a craft with your partner is such an awesome bonding experience, and building a treehouse is the ultimate craft. 

Make sure once you’ve built it, though, that you give yourselves a “no kids allowed” night in there! You did build it after all!

57. Start Planning a Small Home Renovation Project

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

There’s something about spring that makes renovating so exciting. The colder winter days can kind of be de-motivating, but spring warms things up, making it that much more fun to start those renovation projects you’ve been dreaming up.

58. Have a Go-Kart Racing Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Sometimes the best and most fun way to spend date night is having a little friendly competition, and what better way than racing go-karts?

59. Fill the Back of Your Car or Truck with Blankets and Pillows and Camp in the Car at Your Favorite Outdoors Spot

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

This one is one of my personal favorite romantic date ideas for the spring. There’s something so playful and fun about turning the back of your car into a makeshift bedroom and enjoying the view of the great outdoors from the windows.

If you have an SUV, pop open the trunk door and enjoy and indoor-outdoor vibe with your own private view. As it gets late, string up some battery-powered string lights for a whimsical and romantic feel.

60. Plan a Date Night Going Swimsuit Shopping

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

You’ve gotta get some swimsuits for the start of the summer season, right?! Might as well turn this into a romantic date night idea and try out suits with each other. It’s fun, flirtatious, and the perfect spring date idea to get you psyched for summertime.

61. Cook a Meal Together With Fresh Herbs from Your Backyard Garden

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Remember that garden from date night idea #52? Well, for this spring date idea you get to use the fruits of your labor. Pick your favorite fresh herbs from the garden and make a delicious meal together for a fun at home date night.

62. Is It Raining on Your Date Night? Cuddle Up By the Window, Listen to the Sounds, and Watch the Storm.

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Why does rain on date night have to be a bad thing? Use it as an opportunity to snuggle up with each other by the window and enjoy the sound and sights of the storm. 

63. Plan a Berry Picking Date at a Local Farm

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Springtime is berry season! Make a fun date night out of swinging by a local farm to pick some berries…a seriously delicious idea, if you ask us. You can take them home and make jams together, bake pies, or any other delicious berry-packed recipes.

64. Hang out in the Backyard and Look Through Old Photo Albums

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Whether it’s old family photos from your childhood or photos from your wedding day, spend a spring afternoon at home reminiscing with your partner. 

65. Go Play a Few Games of Pool at a Local Pool Hall

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

There’s just something about pool. It’s equally fun and sexy, all at the same time. If you ask me, that’s the perfect combo for a playful and romantic date night.

66. Grab Takeout and Eat it Together at a Local Park

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Grab takeout from your favorite restaurant, but instead of hanging out in front of the TV for a dinner date night, take your meal outside to your local park and set up a picnic blanket so you two can enjoy the spring weather.

67. Have a Beach Date with Spiked Ciders and a Charcuterie Board

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Head to the beach around sunset with a delicious charcuterie board and some spiked ciders for a romantic date night by the ocean. Enjoy the transition from golden hour to blue hour, as the sky turns a cotton candy pink.

68. Patio Furniture Shopping Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

As we’re transitioning into the warmer months, you’ll want spend more time outdoors, making spring a great time to have a patio furniture shopping date night. Pull up the computer and shop from home, or swing by a shop and test them out furniture in person.

69. Plan an At-Home Backyard Grill Out Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Nothing screams spring quite like the smell of barbecue in the backyard. Celebrate the start of the season with a backyard grill out date night…the perfect idea for a delicious at home hangout.

70. Have Date Night at an Outdoor Concert

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Check out when your favorite bands are going to be in town and snag some tickets for a fun and romantic outdoors concert date night. If the band you two love is playing out of state, you can even make a road trip out of driving to see them live!

71. Living Room Dance Party Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Sometimes it’s the small things that make for a great spring at home date night. If you two want to have a night at home, turn the living room into a dance floor. Push aside the coffee table, put on your favorite songs, and dance the night away!

72. Spend Date Night Playing "Never Have I Ever"

Category: At Home Date Ideas

This at home date night idea is particularly fun if you’ve recently started dating. Get to know one another and learn a few fun little secrets about things you’ve done. You can even make it into a drinking game.

73. Have Kiddos? Swap Roles and Have them Make Dinner for You and Your Partner Instead.

Category: At Home Date Ideas

As parents, you pretty much spend all of your time catering to everyone else. Reverse the roles during an at home date night and have your kids make dinner for the two of you.

Sure, you may just get PB&J sandwiches, but it’s the thought that counts! Plus, you won’t have to do the cooking on date night!

74. Cozy Up Together on the Couch and Have a Reading Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Remember date night idea #43…spending the day at your local bookstore? Now you and your partner can spend the evening at home reading those books together. Once you finish them, share your favorite parts of the book with each other. It’s kind of like your own private book club, but the date version!

75. Craft an Epic Summertime Playlist in Preparation for the Upcoming Summer Season's Road Trips

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

As we enter the season of road trips (aka summertime!), you’re going to want to have a solid playlist to get you energized on those long drives. Plan an at home date night in the springtime where you and your partner choose your favorite songs to drive to and make your mega summer road trip playlist.

Summer Date Ideas

Epic Summer Date Night Ideas to for Long Days and Warm Nights

fun and cute summer date ideas for couples in the great outdoors

76. Have Date Night at Your Favorite Local Brewery

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Some of my most memorable date nights I’ve had with my husband were at local breweries in the summer months. There’s something about the warm weather and cold craft beer that just go so perfectly together. 

77. Go Out And See The Summertime Wildflowers

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Depending on where you live, summertime is wildflower season. As someone who lives in Colorado, the months of July and August have some of the most epic wildflowers in the mountains, making it one of the best times to visit the state. So spend a romantic summer date night hiking the trails and admiring your favorites!

78. Have a Stand-Up Paddleboarding Date

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Summer is the perfect season for stand-up paddleboarding on alpine lakes and a great way to get out on the water for your date!

79. Play in the Sprinklers Together

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Ready to feel like a kid again? This at home summer date idea is sure to deliver. Set up some sprinklers in the backyard and have your own mini waterpark adventures together!

80. Drive Along High Alpine Mountain Passes at Sunrise

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Many epic mountain passes aren’t open outside of the summertime, so if you and your partner love spending time in the high country, plan a summer date around driving these roads and exploring the high alpine. You’re sure to be rewarded with winding roads and epic mountain vistas.

81. Plan a Date at a National Park in the Mountain West

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Many of the national parks in the mountain west are at their prettiest in the summertime. The area is finally turning green after months of snow, the wildflowers are out, and many roads that typically close between the months of October through May are now accessible.

So take advantage of the natural beauty and plan a summer date at one of these epic national parks. Whether it’s Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Glacier, or any of the others in  the mountain west, the views are bound to be epic.

82. Spend an Entire Date Night Stargazing

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Summer is known for beautiful night skies, with nice temperatures and stars incredibly positioned across the sky. Set up in the backyard for an at home stargazing date night or go on an adventure and seek out the nearest Dark Sky location for an even more spectacular display.

83. Plan a Canoeing Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Whether novice, or experienced, going canoeing can be a romantic and fun summer date idea for any couple. Whether you live near some sort of lake, river, or other body of water, canoeing is such a fun way to adventure together on the water. 

Just make sure to check out safety tips before heading out on the water for the first time. Happy paddling!

84. Date Night at a Private Hot Spring

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

While sometimes difficult to track down, secluded hot springs are a perfect way to relax and enjoy nature while enjoying an intimate moment together. If you can manage to find an elusive, secluded primitive hot spring, why not take advantage? 

Just a note: to maintain the intimacy and protect the environment, keep your romantic date night hot spring a secret: don’t geotag or otherwise share the location on social media!

85. Turn Date Night into Summer Date Weekend with a Backpacking Trip

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

When a single date night isn’t enough time together, make it a summer date weekend! Grab your favorite hiking boots (we absolutely love all-things Danner), some hiking date clothes (I’ve written a guide on my favorite adventure-friendly outfit ideas), gear up, and hit the trails for an overnight backpacking trip. Just make sure to know your route, bring the appropriate safety kit, and remember what Smokey the Bear taught you.

86. At Home Cocktail Crafting Summer Date Night

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

Why not dip into your creative side while indulging in a series of refreshing homemade summer drinks? Bonus points if you can incorporate fresh herbs or veggies from the garden you planted after doing date night idea #52!

87. Plan a Summer Lake Date

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Grab an inflatable kayak, pack the wakeboard, or head out on the jet ski at the lake! From paddling to waterskiing, you can find all sorts of fun things to do while on a lakeside summertime date.

88. Book a Secret Summer Vacation

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

This romantic summer date idea is at the top of my list to try out ASAP. Basically, you and your partner pick a date when you can travel, and you give them 5 options to choose from. 

You book the flights, pack their bags, and keep the final destination a secret. They can’t even look at their boarding pass and have to put headphones on at the start and end of the flight so nothing gets spoiled. Probably one of the most fun date night ideas for those who love to travel!

89. Take a Polaroid Camera With You on a City Date Night Adventure

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

As a professional photographer, I spend so much time with my professional photo gear, but one of my favorite cameras to use for personal adventures and date nights is my little polaroid camera. The results are immediate, and it’s this fun, low-pressure way to document date nights. Highly recommend one for an epic summer date night in the city.

90. Have a Professional Photographer Take Photos of You Adventuring Together

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

If you’re celebrating an important occasion, like an anniversary or engagement, hiring a professional photographer to document the moment can be an epic way to re-live that moment again and again for years to come. 

Plan a romantic summertime picnic date night or go on a hike on your favorite trail together and have your photographer tag along to document!

91. Plan a Delicious Brunch Date

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Why look for an excuse to go to brunch? Breakfast for lunch, lunch for breakfast; either way, we’d say it’s a win. Make it even more romantic by dressing up and grabbing a secluded table where you can enjoy the summer weather.

92. The Wild Card Date Idea

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Pick your top 10 favorite date night ideas from this list. Write them down, stick them in a hat, and draw one. You have to do whatever is on the card. Makes choosing a unique date night so much easier, right?!

93. Plan a Summer Date Night Bike Ride

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Whether it’s biking down a path in the woods or taking your bicycles over to the beach, going for bike rides is such a fun way to spend your summer date night.

94. Soak in the Sunshine on a Back Patio Date Night at Home (With Lemonade and Lots of Snacks!)

Category: At Home Date Night Ideas

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as spending an amazing summer date in the sunshine. So grab some food and cold drinks and hang out at home on the patio, soaking it all up!

95. Dance in the Rain on Date Night

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Does the area you live in frequently get summer rain? Rather than staying inside on date night, go out in the rain and dance together. Rainy days don’t have to be spent inside!

96. Stop by Your Favorite Ice Cream Shop for a Sweet Treat on Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Either go for ice cream as part two of a fun summer date, or make your date all about the ice cream. Find a local shop and indulge in your favorite flavors. P.S. don’t forget the sprinkles!

97. Poolside Pizza Date Night

Category: Playful + Fun Date Ideas

Remember childhood days spent by the pool with delivery pizza? I don’t know about you, but those are some of my favorite memories of summertime. Why not make poolside pizza a part of your summer date night plans, too?

98. Whitewater Rafting Date

Category: Playful and Fun Date Ideas

Get the adrenaline pumping and head out on the river for an epic summer afternoon date! Find a local whitewater rafting outfitter/guide and pick a classification that you’re comfortable with.

99. Rent a Jeep and Plan an Offroading Date

Category: Playful and Fun Date Ideas

As someone who lives in a state with world-class offroading trails (hello, Colorado!), I think this is an epic and super fun date idea. Whether you’re offroading in the deserts of Moab or on the Alpine Loop in Colorado, you’re sure to have a blast on your date.

100. Go Night Swimming

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

Swimming in the daytime is fun, but there’s something romantic about night swimming that takes it to the next level. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can turn your romantic swimming date night into a skinny dipping adventure!

101. Elope in Your Favorite Summertime Destination

Category: Romantic Date Ideas

I’m certainly biased (as I’m someone who eloped and who photographs epic adventurous elopements for a living), but I think eloping is just about one of the coolest and most romantic date ideas you could possibly have. Turn your cute date night adventure into a full-on summertime wedding adventure. It doesn’t get any better.

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