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Cool Cabin Rentals To Book To Escape It All

A Guide To The Best Cabin Vacation Rentals In The United States

Out of all types of vacation rentals, cabins are probably my absolute favorite. I’m the girl with several drool-worthy cabin-related books piled up on my desk at all times. Whether it’s a-frame cabins or modernized log cabins or off-the-grid mountain pass cabins, I’m all about it. I’ve spent a lot of time (and I mean, A LOT) on Airbnb, doing a deep-dive into finding cool cabin rentals. It has been an ongoing journey of mine: to find the best cabin vacation rentals in the United States.

Honestly, part of me was tempted to keep this list of cool cabin rentals to myself, but it’s just too good not to share. So without further ado, my thoroughly researched list of the 18 best cabin vacation rentals in the US. I hope these cool cabin rentals blow your mind as much as they did mine…and that they give you an awesome place to stay on your next excursion. 

P.S. At the bottom of the article I took on the painstakingly difficult task of narrowing down this epic list of cool cabin rentals down to my top 5 favorites. So if you’re debating on which one to book, that section’s your go-to.

*Disclosure: I may make a commission, at no cost to you, if you decide to book through one of the cabin vacation rental links in this article. However, my primary goal is to make the best recommendations possible. I take trust very seriously, so I only recommend products and sellers that I use or trust myself. These links help support small businesses like mine and allow me to craft these free articles for you!

How Did Each of These Cool Cabin Rentals Snag a Spot on The List?

What Makes These Cabin Vacation Rentals The Best In The United States?

The Most Photogenic Cabins

For The Ideal Cabin Backdrop

Each of these cool cabin rentals are on this list partially because how photogenic they are. As a photographer, I can’t help but look at these cabins from a photographer’s lens.

Top-Notch Star Ratings

Because Quality Reviews Are Key

Every single cabin vacation rental on this list has a top-notch star rating (there is only one that doesn’t have a rating, but it is hosted by an Airbnb Superhost), because cool cabin rentals are great, but an excellent experience takes it to the next level.

Truly Beautiful, Epic Cabins

With Gorgeous, Unique Design

All of these cabin vacation rentals are on this list for their distinct, epic design. They each have their own personality, making a stay at them more of an experience, rather than just a place to sleep.


Picking My Personal Favorites

which of these cool cabin rentals do i consider to be the best?

While each of these cabin vacation rentals is absolutely epic, I’ve chosen my five favorites from the list. These are the bucket list cabins…the absolute coolest of the bunch.

The Whimsical Asheville Nook Cabin

#1 Cool Cabin Rental

I’m a big believer that the coolest cabin rentals do an amazing job of integrating into the space around them, which is one of the reasons that this Asheville cabin vacation rental tops the list. This tiny little space contains the elements from several local makers, giving you a taste of the mountain town during your stay. The cabin is also impeccably designed, with a cozy, warm feeling coupled with a fresh and clean interior. It’s a oasis amongst the trees, featuring an indoor swing, loft, and so many other little quirks that make it stand out. 

Location-wise, you’re also close by to downtown Asheville and Blue Ridge Parkway (if you’re looking to explore the mountains through some beautiful driving routes and hikes).

The Moody Luxury Breckenridge Cabin

#2 Cool Cabin Rental

Breckenridge is one of those Colorado ski towns that is known for having cool cabin rentals, and as someone who lives a couple hours away, I’ve seen my fair share of them. I have to say, this one is different, but in the best kind of way. You might be expecting just any other log cabin from the exterior, but when you walk inside, this cabin is modern and moody and sleek. This cabin vacation rental is the perfect upscale getaway, and the views from the patio are pretty much screaming “sit here at sunset.”

The Minimalist Waterfront Cabin

#3 Cool Cabin Rental

If you’ve been searching for cool cabin rentals for a couples vacation, you’ve hit jackpot with this one. Located in Idaho Springs, there plenty of breweries, mountain towns, and good food nearby. But beyond that, there are so many amazing hikes too, if you want to get away from it all. Open up the giant glass doors while you lounge on the bed, listening in to the sound of the creek water running past. Or let Colorado’s crisp mountain air flow by as you and your boo hang out on the patio. The design of this cabin perfectly mixes the outdoorsy-rustic look that you’d expect from Colorado on the outside of the cabin, with a fresh and modern interior that stands out.

The Mountain Pass Cabin

#4 Cool Cabin Rental

If hopping in a Jeep, rumbling up a rugged mountain pass, and sleeping off-grid in a very high elevation cabin is your vibe, you need to book this epic cabin rental. No seriously, do it. Housed on one of Colorado’s coolest passes in the SW part of the state and featuring a magazine-worthy suspension bride hanging above a roaring creek, this cabin is an experience in and of itself. 

Not only is the road leading up to this cabin scenic, but so is the route that leads up to the Continental Divide, a couple miles away. This cabin vacation rental sits high up, at over 11,000 ft elevation, so be prepared to spend a couple days getting acclimated before spending the night at this cabin. Also be aware that you are fully off the grid in a place like this, so come prepared.

The Transparent California Desert Cabin

#5 Cool Cabin Rental

The architecture alone was enough to put this spot on the cool cabin rentals list. With a skeleton frame and and translucent walls, you can see the desert all around you. But beyond the frame of the cabin, it also comes with a beautiful, large patio with breathtaking views of the high desert. This cabin vacation rental also has an outdoor shower on-site too, so you can even bathe amongst the desert shrubbery.

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