17 Best Treehouse Vacation Rentals

Coolest Treehouse Vacation Rentals on Airbnb

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The 17 Best Treehouse Vacation Rentals In The United States

Your Guide To The Most Unique, Coolest Treehouse Airbnbs

Let’s be honest, the best treehouse vacation rentals* out there are an experience in and of themselves. They’re a novelty, and a good treehouse has the ability to essentially be a self-sufficient oasis. 

Each of the treehouse vacation rentals that made it onto the list accomplish just that: you can stay here and unplug from the rest of the world. Get away from it all. Avoid the crowds, the tourists, and the bustle of everyday life. Stay in a cool Treehouse Airbnb and live in a whimsical forest instead.

*Disclosure: I may make a commission, at no cost to you, if you choose to book through one of the treehouse vacation rental links in this article. I take trust very seriously, so I only recommend companies that I use or trust myself. These links help support small businesses like mine and allow me to craft these free articles for you!

How Did Each Of These Treehouse Vacation Rentals Get On The List?

What Makes These Treehouse Vacation Rentals The Best In The United States?

Picture-Perfect Treehouses

For The Perfect Forest Backdrop

As a photographer, I can’t help but evaluate all of these treehouse vacation rentals through the lens of what looks good on camera.

Stellar Treehouse Star Ratings

Because Amazing Reviews Matter

Awesome ratings play a big part in my recommendation of each of these treehouse vacation rentals. Because good reviews matter.

Epic and Unique Treehouse Style

With Design That Stands Out

It goes without saying that the coolest Airbnb treehouse vacation rentals are the ones that have distinct and epic interior and exterior design.


A Full Treehouse Breakdown

of each of these treehouse vacation rentals and why they're the best

We’re doing a full deep-dive into each of these treehouse vacation rentals and what exactly makes them so cool, to help you narrow down your search for which treehouse you want to adventure to.

The Dreamy Montana Treehouse

#1 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

This treehouse vacation rental feels like it came straight out of a storybook. The exterior and interior spiral staircases, along with the giant patio honestly make this treehouse feel a little like a castle. The interior is warm and woodsy, perfectly matching the vibe of the land the treehouse sits on.

And it’s located in Columbia Falls, Montana, which is super close to Glacier National Park (one of my favorite nationals parks in the US).

The Tropical Oasis Treehouse

#2 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

I’m pretty sure you could just spend your entire time at this tropical treehouse hanging out on the bed, admiring the jungle from outside the huge windows. That alone would be an experience in and of itself. But underneath the lifted house, there’s a cute little lounging swing where you can lay down and experience the sights and sounds of the outdoors too. 

Another perk of this Hawaii treehouse vacation rental? It’s close proximity to Volcanoes National Park (only 10 miles away!).

The Mid-Century Modern Cali Treehouse

#3 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

This treehouse vacation rental is everything that’s good about California. If there’s one thing I love about the golden state, it’s the quintessential California indoor/outdoor vibe, where the two spaces almost blend into each other. And this California treehouse is no different. You have a woodsy view outside the treehouse itself, and the ocean is off in the distance. 

The design of the treehouse itself is clean, simple, and very mid-century modern in style. A classic and comfortable getaway.

The Glam Atlanta Treehouse

#4 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

If there’s one thing Atlantans love, it’s luxury and glam. And this treehouse vacation rental is absolutely no exception. If you’re looking for a treehouse that can entertain, this one’s your gal. Below the treehouse is a big patio perfect for al fresco dining with friends or family. There’s also a lovely outdoor swing on the property too. 

The upstairs lodging area has delicate pink touches, with a lovely mixture of vintage glam and modern elements. I could see this treehouse vacation rental being the perfect getaway for a bachelorette party or baby shower (pro tip: always check with your Airbnb host to make sure they allow events before booking!).

The Epic A-Frame Treehouse

#5 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

This a-frame treehouse is actually located on the same property as the Montana treehouse mentioned at the top of the list. I’d categorize this house as the more minimalist and modern sister of the other treehouse. 

The Whimsical Vintage Treehouse

#6 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

Where do I even begin with this treehouse? The outdoor swinging daybed? The outdoor shower? The gorgeous canopy bed that makes it feel like you are in the tropics? 

I love this treehouse vacation rental because of the homey, eclectic, vintage vibe of it all. It’s the perfect mixture of styles that’s artsy, without feeling stuffy or pretentious. 

The Carbon Free Treehouse

#7 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

This energy-efficient, eco-friendly cabin treehouse is exactly the peaceful escape you need for your Maine getaway. Spent the autumn season amongst the trees, or hang out on the water of the pond located on the property. Whatever your reason for getting off the grid, this cabin has everything you need to do so. It’s beautiful, and cozy, and did I mention…it also has a hot tub? Yes, please.

The Modern Luxe Treehouse

#8 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

If there’s one word I could use to describe this treehouse vacation rental, it’d be “elevated.” By far one of the most gorgeous treehouses on Airbnb, this home sits on 34 acres of land in Willow, New York. The vibe of the treehouse is definitely modern, but in a super warm and cozy sense. Rather than paint the space white, the designers kept the warm, natural tone of the wood, while introducing modern elements, finishes, and furniture to the home. You can snuggle up by the fire in the living room, looking out the floor to ceiling windows out at the local pond. Or you can spend your day reading a book up in the bedroom nook. Or you can spend a chilly, crisp evening in the wood burning hot tub on the property.

The Peaceful Overlook Treehouse

#9 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

Asheville, NC is a fun, quirky, artsy town, and this local treehouse totally embodies that vibe. This vacation rental features a view of the mountains and within it you can find all the amenities of home. Whether you just want to binge your favorite Netflix shows in the treehouse or you want to explore the town of Asheville, this is the perfect place to stay.

The Cozy Park City Treehouse

#10 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

A glamorous and cozy getaway in the high elevation mountains of Park City, Utah, this is one of the more difficult to access treehouse vacation rentals on this list. You’ll need either a 4X4 vehicle or a high clearance car with AWD. And you’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable driving on snowy dirt roads. But if that type of drive sounds like an adventure to you, the reward is well worth it to stay in this beautifully designed treehouse.

The Fairy Vibes Atlanta Treehouse

#11 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

The second of three Atlanta treehouse vacation rentals to make this list, I love this one specifically for the whimsical vibe it has. Fairy lights are everywhere, including on the suspension bride that leads to the bedroom. The bed itself is an indoor/outdoor lounging space, allowing you to be one with the elements during your stay. 

The Bamboo Forest Treehouse

#12 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

If you’re wondering why this treehouse feels familiar, it’s probably because you saw Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind stay here. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel kind of special for finding out about this place years before it skyrocketed to popularity (in fact, before I moved to Colorado, this was the place I had booked for my wedding!). The treehouse is located near East Atlanta, one of my favorite parts of the city. There’s plenty of good food and coffee nearby. But beyond what you can do in town, the treehouse itself is remarkable. It sits in a tiny little forest of bamboo chutes, and has a swinging day bed underneath. And just a few steps away, the sweet owners have their own alpacas on site.

The Simple Seattle Treehouse

#13 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

If you’re looking for a PNW treehouse getaway that’s all just a short drive from Seattle, this spot is perfect. It’s a small, simple space that’s the perfect escape from the city while also not being far away. The best of both worlds.

The Texas Getaway Treehouse

#14 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

This treehouse feels like a cross between a luxury forested tropical getaway paired with warm, cozy cabin vibes. The owner of this Airbnb prefers to only book people ages 27+, so this isn’t the type of place for a family getaway. But if you’re looking for a romantic place to stay to step away from family obligations and explore somewhere cozy and truly unique, this vacation rental is an absolute stunner.

The Rustic Luxury Treehouse

#15 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, this treehouse, which sleeps 2, is ideal for a couples vacation. The treehouse is beautiful and cozy, with huge decks, a swing, rocking chairs, and a fire pit so you can get the most out of your time outside.

The Vineyard Treehouse

#16 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

Calling all wine lovers. If sleeping with a view of a California vineyard sounds like your vibe, you’ll have to book this awesome Monterey Bay treehouse vacation rental. You’ll get to stay in a glamping tent high above the vineyard, looking out on the nearby hills and mountains.

The Fire Lookout Treehouse

#17 Coolest Airbnb Treehouse Vacation Rental

Personally, I feel like converted fire lookouts make for some of the coolest treehouse vacation rentals possible. The PNW is known for its fire lookouts. While functional in nature, they’re so architecturally stunning and eye-catching. They sit high above everything, and typically boast incredible views (I mean, they’re lookouts after all!). This lookout has windows on all four walls, and there’s even a sauna on site. As with the Park City cabin listed earlier, you’ll need a 4WD vehicle to access the lookout, and in the winter months, the treehouse can be accessed via snowmobile. 

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