14 Best Colorado 14ers Posters + Maps

The Most Beautiful Colorado 14ers Map and Checklists

view of Colorado 14er Mt Sneffels from Ridgway Colorado

14 Best Colorado 14ers Posters + Maps to Hang in Your Home

Epic Colorado 14ers Maps + Checklists

Calling all peak baggers! Your search for the most beautiful, epic Colorado 14ers poster is over. As a design lover, hiking nut, and someone proud to call Colorado home, finding the most beautiful Colorado 14ers maps and checklists has been a mission of mine, and I’m sharing all my discoveries.

I’ve included everything from topographic maps with the 14ers marked on them to Colorado14er scratch off maps. I’ve also tried to include as many Colorado local sellers in this list as I could. I’ll make a note of who’s local, so you can support Colorado businesses in your purchases!

Disclosure: If you choose to purchase your Colorado 14ers poster or map through my links, I may earn a commission, at no cost to you. Shopping through my links helps support this Colorado small business and is greatly appreciated. This poster list is curated with love, from selling platforms I use and trust myself.

My Favorite Colorado 14ers Map Posters

I'll Start With My Favorite 14'er Maps in this Section, Then I'll Dive into Checklists in the Next

Minimalist Colorado 14ers Poster Map with Checklist

For the Lover of Minimalist Map Design

minimalist Colorado 14ers poster map with a checklist at the bottom

photo courtesy of Mappy Paths

This Colorado 14ers poster is one of my absolute favorites, because it’s both a map and a checklist in one. It has a simple, minimalist design that’s perfect if your home skews more modern in style.

The poster is printed with gallery quality ink on premium card stock, which has a stunning texture to it that’s much sturdier and more beautiful than standard poster paper. And the dimensions of this Colorado 14ers map is 11 x 14 inches, which is a great medium-sized print for a gallery wall.

Black and White Colorado 14ers Map Poster

For the Classic Adventurer Who Loves Topographic Maps

black and white topographic Colorado 14ers map poster framed

photo courtesy of topographia

If you’re a fan of topographic maps, this black and white topographic Colorado 14ers poster is for you. I love that the designer opted to not use color with this map, because it’s so easy for topographic maps to look super busy when they have color added.

Even though there’s a lot going on in this map, it manages to feel simple and beautiful and would make a total statement piece on your wall. This Colorado 14ers map comes in many different dimensions, starting at 11 x 14 inches, as well as a variety of paper qualities.

Illustrative Colorado 14ers Map

For the Adventurer Who Loves Color and Whimsy

colorful illustrative Colorado 14ers map poster

photo courtesy of Little Known Goods // local CO artist

If you love colorful, whimsical art prints, this illustrated Colorado 14ers poster map is perfection. It’s hand-drawn design feels playful, with vibrant colors that make it unlike any other Colorado14er map I’ve seen yet. 

The poster is printed on 11 X 14 inch paper, and is shipped from a local Colorado business.

Periodic Table Colorado 14ers Map

For the Science Geek Hiker

periodic table Colorado 14ers map poster

photo courtesy of With Brio Studio // local CO artist

I grew up in a scientist family with a chemist for a dad, so this periodic table Colorado 14ers poster really speaks to my heart. It’s not necessarily a formal “map” per-se, but I love this fun and quirky way to display CO’s 58 14ers.

Vintage-Style Colorado 14ers Map

For Hikers Who Love a Timeless Look

vintage style Colorado 14ers map poster with legend for mountain ranges

photo courtesy of Kokua Design Company

If you’re a fan of the vintage-style map look, you will love this Colorado 14ers map poster. I personally really like how the peaks are color-coded by the mountain ranges they belong to.

This elevation table map comes in the 11 X 14 inch print size, and is intended to be framed in a 16 X 20 frame with matting.

Pastel Topograpahic Colorado 14ers Map

For Hikers Who Love The High Country

pastel shaded relief map of Colorado 14ers

photo courtesy of AA Topo Maps

This shaded relief map of Colorado’s high country is so unique and different. For starters, it doesn’t show any mountains below a 9,000 ft elevation, which is why it looks like you’re looking at a set of islands.

Because it’s a shaded relief map, it almost feels like it’s 3D, even though it’s not. Personally, I think this Colorado 14ers map is just so distinct, and is the perfect gift for the hiker or mountaineer in your life that wants a unique view of Colorado. And this one comes in a 13 X 19 inch size, so it’s a little on the larger size, compared to some of the other maps I’ve shown earlier on this list.

Geometric Mountain Range Colorado 14ers Poster

With Vibrant Colors

geometric mountain range Colorado 14ers poster with mountain ranges

photo courtesy of Ladybug Pixels

If you like a minimalist vibe with a pop of color, this geometric Colorado 14ers poster is an awesome choice. It has the mountains split up into sections for the different mountain ranges, which is really nice, too.

It comes in two different square shape sizes, either 16 X 16 inches or 18 X 18 inches. I personally love that it doesn’t have traditional poster dimensions and think it makes this 14er map pretty unique.

Hanger Framed Colorado 14ers Poster

With Stunning Mountain Illustrations

hanger framed Colorado 14ers poster by Hinterland

photo courtesy of Hinterland Outdoors // local CO artist

I love that this illustrative Colorado 14ers poster has the option to add the hanger frame, so you don’t have to worry about framing it yourself. Such a win. 

Not to mention, the mountain illustrations that Hinterland Outdoors has done are truly incredible. The designer is also a Colorado local business, so if you want to shop local, this is a great shop to buy your poster from.

50/58 Colorado 14ers Map

With Mini Topographic Maps of Each

50 of 58 Colorado 14ers map poster with mini topographic depictions of each

photo courtesy of Miles to Go Maps

This Colorado 14ers map is essentially a poster with tiny elevation contour maps of 50 of the 58 Colorado 14ers

It’s worth noting that not all 14ers are on this poster, but the maps on there are absolutely stunning and definitely worth including on this list.

My Favorite Colorado 14ers Checklists

For Hikers Who Want to Check Off Their Adventures

Watercolor Colorado 14ers Poster Checklist

For the Hiker Looking for The Ultimate Statement Piece

watercolor Colorado 14ers poster checklist

photo courtesy of Wellnessrush // local CO artist

Wow wow wooooow, this incredible landscape-style watercolor 14ers poster by Welnessrush is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is seriously next level.

There’s also sections on the poster where you can write in the date you summited each 14er, so the poster is personalized to your hiking adventures. Perfect for peak bagging. This artist is also a local Colorado business, too.

The Stamp-Able Colorado 14ers Checklist

For the Hiker Who Loves an Ultra-Modern Design

stamp and poster Colorado 14er checklist

photo courtesy of WANDERWIDE Art // local CO artist

This Colorado 14ers checklist might just be my favorite poster on this entire list (and it’s sold by a Colorado local business!).

The design is minimalist, but really packs a punch. It’s bold, but understated at the same time. And I think it’s super cool that it comes with a stamp and ink pad to mark off all the peaks you’ve hiked.

Colorado 14ers Sticker Checklist Map

Because Who Doesn't Love Stickers?!

sticker Colorado 14er checklist

photo courtesy of Heck Yes Studio

This Colorado 14er checklist is such a fun way to track your progress. Each sticker that comes with this poster includes a line for you to add the date you hiked that specific peak. And I love the geometric look of it.

Scratch-Off Colorado 14ers Poster

A Fun, Interactive Checklist

Colorado 14ers scratch off poster map

photo courtesy of Epic Adventure Maps

I love the idea of a scratch-off 14er poster. It’s such fun, interactive way to mark your hikes. Each peak is covered in gold before you scratch them off to display the most gorgeous, colorful illustrations.

Outlined Colorado 14ers Poster

With Peak Elevations and Names With a Minimalist Vibe

Colorado 14ers poster with mountain outflines

photo courtesy of Lucky Onion // local CO artist

I personally love the minimalist peak outlines on this Colorado 14ers poster. It has a distinct, modern look to it that feels really timeless. 

While not a formal checklist, I think this list of 14ers makes for some stunning wall art for the 14er enthusiast in your life.

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